Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know I want to go into computers, but I don’t know which area. Which degree plan is best for me?

You may speak with any of our professors for personal counseling and assistance in selecting a degree. We have some core courses that are required for all of our degree plans. You can take these courses first and see which one you like best before committing to a specific degree plan.

Or, consider beginning with our one-semester Technology Support Certificate. This includes introductory courses in Personal Computing, Networking, Programming and Web. This way, you can experience a little bit of each area. All the courses within the Technology Support Certificate already apply toward the AAS degrees and many other certificates, so no dollar is wasted!

Q: Which introductory computer class should I take?

A: Introductory computer courses are offered at the college. Students who desire to enchance their computer literacy skills are encouraged but are not required to enroll in a computer literacy skills course. Students who wish to transfer are encouraged to work closely with an advisor.

If you:

  • need a course that will transfer;
  • plan to earn an Associate of Applied Science with a requirement of BCIS 1405 or COSC 1401; or
  • plan to earn a certificate with a requirement of BCIS 1405 or COSC 1401, you should enroll in BCIS 1405 or COSC 1401.
    Note that BCIS 1405 is often used for a business course that will transfer.

If you:

  • plan to earn an Associate of Applied Science with a requirement of ITSC 1401; or
  • plan to earn a certificate with a requirement of ITSC 1401, you should enroll in ITSC 1401.
    Note that ITSC 1401 generally will not transfer to schools outside of the Dallas County Community College District system.

Still not sure? Contact any member of the Computer Information Technology/Computer Science faculty or staff for assistance.

Q: How much will it cost me to take courses at Brookhaven College?

A: Courses at Brookhaven College are an educational bargain. For credit courses, cost per credit hour depends on where you live. For tuition rates, visit the Brookhaven College Catalog tuition page. To determine a course’s credit hours, look at the second digit of the course number. For example, ITNW 1321 Introduction to Networking, is worth three credit hours, while ITSC 2435 Application Problem Solving is worth four credit hours.

Q: If I take an online course, do I have to come to campus ever?

A: None of the computer information technology online courses at Brookhaven College require you to come to campus. You can do all of your coursework, participate in online discussions and chats, post assignments and take your exams online. You can even register for the courses online using eConnect. If you would like to meet with your professor in person or use our lab facilities, you are welcome to do so, but you can complete your online course without ever visiting the Brookhaven College campus.

Q: Will I be able to find a job after I get my associate’s degree or certificate?

A: All of the degree plans at Brookhaven College are designed to provide you with the skills you need to compete in today’s workforce. Your ability to find a job will depend on many things including your performance, the current job market and the specific skill set you have. Brookhaven College has a Career Development Center that will help you search for a job. They provide many services including résumé writing, practice interviews, job research, job fairs, etc. For more information, visit the Career Development Center in the Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S065; email bhcJobs@dcccd.edu or call 972-860-4894.

Q: How do I begin my online course after I enroll?

A: On or after the start date for your course, go to the eCampus Web site, click on the login link, enter your username and password then click the Login button.

Your eCampus home page will appear and list any courses in which you are enrolled. In your list, click on the name of the course to access your course and associated information.

Orientation for online courses consists of reading the online syllabus or completing an orientation assignment (email or quiz) at eCampus on or after the course start date. All online students take tests online and submit assignments online through eCampus.

If you have trouble logging in, check the online eCampus help for possible solutions or call the student hotline at 972-669-6402.

For any additional help or questions, be sure to call or email your instructor.

Q: Can I look at an online course before I am enrolled?

A: Yes, if the instructor has set the course to allow previews. One week before a course begins, you should be able to preview the course. This allows you to view the syllabus and any other documents the instructor makes available.

A course syllabus contains important information about the course, including the textbooks needed and how grades are assessed.

How to Preview an Online Course as a “Guest”

  1. Using a Web browser, go to eCampus.dcccd.edu.
  2. Although the page you see is primarily a login page, you may ignore those functions for now. Click on the current semester link.
  3. Look above the larger area with the white background to the row of tabs. Click the tab labeled “Courses.”
  4. At the Courses page, any visitor may search using the Course Search and may browse the course catalog.
    • Although you may search for a course by name and section number as in COSC-1300-21428, the Course Search is not limited to known course names in the form of AAAA-1111-22222. You may type in a word instead. You might use a word pertaining to the subject matter of the course, for instance “cisco.”
    • When using the course name to search, type in the course letters, course number and section number including the hyphens.
      Note: for linked sections – courses in which you enroll as a pair which must be taken together - you must look for the correct, matching section numbers. For instance, ITSE-1432-12345 would be paired with BCIS-1431-12345.
    • As an alternative to either of the search methods, you may use the Browse the Course Catalog feature.
  5. After typing in your search criteria, press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the small icon on the screen labeled “GO!”
  6. When your search results appear, look for the correct semester course. For example 2014SP-ITNW-1321-21426 shows the course ITNW-1321-21426 in the spring 2014 semester.
  7. If the course is not in the results it is not available to view. If it is, then click on it. Otherwise, try again the following day.
  8. On the Preview page, you only will have guest privileges to view some of the course material. Occasionally an instructor may rename the buttons at the left of the page, however “Course Information” is usually the label for the link to view the syllabus.

Can I buy my books online?

Yes, you can buy your books online.

  1. After you have registered for classes, you can buy your books online through eConnect (login required) by clicking on the "Buy My Books" link after logging in.
  2. Follow the instructions.