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Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Interested in working in the exciting field of computer networking? Learn networking strategies, communications protocol, implementation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of computer networks at Brookhaven College. We offer a variety of networking courses in two of today’s most widely used technologies: UNIX and Cisco. 


Networking professionals work with networking products and services to keep computers and peripherals connected. The basic networking equipment, routers and switches enable devices to communicate with each other and other networks.

Keep up with the ever-growing use of multiple devices within a business atmosphere by becoming network certified. The skills you acquire from the Cisco program will prepare you for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate exam.

Cisco Credentials
CertificatesSkills Achievement Awards
Networking Associate Cisco Networking Assistant
  Cisco Networking Intern

Check out the Careers in CIT page for more information about working with a Cisco background.

What Will You Learn?

The certificate/awards coursework will prepare students to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot networks as well as implement and verify connections to remote sites in a wide-area network (WAN). All equipment and class content is licensed and certified by Cisco Corporation.

  • Exploration 1 – Network Fundamentals
  • Exploration 2 – Routing Protocols and Concepts
  • Exploration 3 – LAN Switching and Wireless
  • Exploration 4 – Accessing the WAN

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With Open Source software, there is new vitality for UNIX and its wide range of use is stronger than ever as it branches out to commercial vendors, related operating system developers (Linux and BSD) and a new generation of programmers. Learn UNIX at Brookhaven College to become more proficient with the system as well as other UNIX-like operating systems.

System administrators, database administrators and network administrators/developers are in demand to handle almost all aspects of a computer network. The UNIX power user will be able to utilize UNIX and Windows tools and interfaces in a combined environment.

UNIX Credentials
CertificatesSkills Achievement Awards
UNIX Administrator UNIX/Open Source


Check out the Careers in CIT page for more information about working with a UNIX background.

What Will You Learn?

This program will provide training and education for individuals interested in developing their knowledge and skills as a UNIX power user or system administrator. The objectives of the program are to provide instruction in both fundamental and advanced UNIX skills and to help students acquire general knowledge about UNIX design and operation.

Topics covered are designed to provide a broad base of computer experience such as shell programming - an integration of code between two platforms used to issue commands, start processes, control jobs, redirect input and output, and perform other routine tasks. The shell acts as a complete programming language.


For more information about the Cisco and UNIX programs, please contact:

Joselle Williams
Bldg. K, Room K102


Find information about gainful employment, program costs and placement rates for Networking Associate Certificate and UNIX Administrator/Cloud Computing Certificate.