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Software Programming

Software Programmer/Developer

Get the tools you need to become a software programmer at Brookhaven College. Start with basic programming to gain skills in problem solving, networking and system analysis. Choose from programs like C++, C#, Visual Basic.NET, Java or Objective-C to write software and learn an advanced specialization language for in-depth knowledge to support client needs.

Enroll in elective courses to enhance your skills in database, Web development, gaming, security, operating systems and networking. Or, opt for our mobile device courses to learn how to develop apps for products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and even Google Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets. Entry-level programming in applications will jump-start your career path in designing, writing and updating computer programs.

About Our Program

Our experienced faculty and staff members are here to help you be successful. We offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree as well as two- and three-semester certificates. Start with a certificate program, and you can add-on classes, gain credentials and build to the AAS degree.

Software Programmer/Developer Credentials

Degree Certificate Skills Achievement Awards
Software Programmer/Developer Programmer Level 1 .NET Programming
  Software Programmer/Developer Assistant Object-Oriented Programming
  Visual Studio Developer 
  Visual Studio Enterprise Developer 
  Visual Studio Professional Developer 

What Will You Learn?

At Brookhaven, we are constantly updating the courses to keep up with the rapidly-evolving field. This ensures our students have the skills most in demand from industries including the following:

  • JavaScript
  • ASP
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Game Engine
  • Web Design Tools
  • Assembly
  • UNIX

Students begin by learning basic computer programming: writing, executing, testing and debugging a computer language chosen from one of specialized emphasis and then progress to more advanced skills. Client and server programming are also explored. Along the way, students will develop skills for problem-solving and working within groups.

Contact one of the following professors to get started in a software program!

Bill Hammerschlag
office: Bldg. K, Room K105
phone: 972-860-4882

Mary Milligan
office: Bldg. K, Room K103A
phone: 972-860-4234

Ramiro Villarreal
office: Bldg. K, Room K213A
phone: 972-860-4176

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