Photo of Myra Belin

Myra Belin
HR Manager, Education & Development
Neiman Marcus

“If you had told me that one professor’s phone call would have a lifelong impact, I never would have believed you … but it did! The Management program, with its unique structure — the tools I learned, the knowledge I gained, the experiences I had and the relationships I built — is the building block upon which I built my future. Each day, I continue to draw from what I learned and build upon it, not only professionally but also personally. The success I am today is due to my years in the program and is a lifelong gift from the professor, Mary Lou Avera, who I am honored to have as my teacher, my mentor and my friend.”

Myra completed the management certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree in business (with honors) at Brookhaven College. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Social Sciences — also with honors — from the University of Texas.

Photo of Blanca Gonzales

Blanca Pina (formerly Blanca Gonzales)
Human Resource Director, Distribution Center
Tuesday Morning Partners

“My associate degree prepared me to be successful in my career in human resource management. The four core courses — Decision Making, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and Supervision — have helped me in every aspect of my career. I enjoyed the networking amongst the other students because you learned about how other organizations functioned. But most of all I am thankful for having an instructor like Mary Lou Avera. Mary Lou took each one of her students by the hand and helped guide us in the right direction. I highly recommend the Management Program offered at Dallas County Community Colleges. I have had my staff and other employees in the organization enroll in these courses, and I have noticed a major improvement in their management skills.”

Video testimonial: Student Success - Blanca Pina

Blanca earned an Associate of Applied Science in management from Brookhaven College and a Master of Arts in management from Dallas Baptist University.

Photo of Pat Sykes

Pat Sykes
Enrolled Agent Director
H&R Block Premium

“The Management Program at Brookhaven helped me reach my lifelong dream of a college degree. Classes were interesting and fun and were related to my position as a new manager. Interaction with other students offered encouragement to excel, and semester goals and objectives provided constructive applications of current management concepts. My professor, Mary Lou Avera, drew on her own expertise to challenge us to reach our career potential. Learning plus fun — what an opportunity!”

Pat continued her education after leaving Brookhaven College, earning a Bachelor of Business Studies in management from Dallas Baptist University.