Management Program

Management Program

Earn 20% of your Associate Degree by applying what you learn in the classroom to your current job.

Instead of taking only theory courses you will learn and actually apply new business and management techniques in your career. This degree is for a working adult who wants to be promotable and marketable immediately. If you are working, why not move up sooner rather than later?

In your core business courses you will earn 6 credit hours while attending a three hour class only one night per week. In this class you will be engaged in lively discussions and exercises with other employed professionals and managers. These class interactions are critical to the careers of our students. You will make valuable business contacts while networking with your peers. Research indicates that managerial positions are often obtained by networking.

Brookhaven College is the only campus that requires Business/Management students to have a personal interview with their faculty member before they register. Since we mentor each student personally we want to talk with you to understand your career goals and needs. You will be personally taught, coached, and advised by a full-time business/management professor that you see weekly in class.

During the semester, your professor will visit you and your supervisor at your place of employment. The appointment is scheduled for a mutually convenient time. During the visit the professor will explain the program while allowing you to share information about your on-the-job projects. This visit gives you more visibility at work and should enhance your student-manager relationship.

In addition to the career and academic advisement, you will be personally advised and guided through the many transfer options available to you. There are currently over 30 accredited universities that have agreed with the DCCCD to accept this degree in transfer toward a Bachelor Degree.

Our program utilizes the same format as many top MBA schools. We teach selected engaged adult professionals in rigorous business classes with interactive small-group discussions, hands-on-exercises and on-the-job applications.

Your career and academic success are very important to us, so we encourage you to contact us at any time throughout the year. We want to help you decide if this program may meet your career needs. Since we set high standards for student-faculty engagement we do not advise by e-mail.


 Mary Lou Avera

Mary Lou Avera
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Program Information

The Management Program is a part of the Business Studies Division at Brookhaven College.