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Career Pathways

Marketing Career Pathways

The decision to pursue a marketing degree can lead down many career paths with financially rewarding outcomes. The following is a list of possible career choices with a degree in marketing.


Advertising agencies and large company advertising departments are among the potential employers. This career offers risks and rewards and can be both challenging and exciting in today's world of mass media communications.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is at the very heart of any customer oriented business. The ability to create an environment where customer needs are identified and concerns are resolved is a challenging and satisfying career path.


Manufacturers and marketing intermediaries must ship and receive the right goods in the right quantity at the right time in the right condition at the lowest possible cost. It can be a challenge to meet these inventory placement expectations. Careers in logistics management focus on the tasks of receiving/shipping, materials handling, warehousing and inventory management. Potential employers include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, as well as service providers such as railroad, pipeline and trucking firms, airlines, vehicle rental agencies and ocean transportation firms.

Manufactuurer Sales Representative

The route goods travel from producer to consumer is fascinating. An important link in this connection is the manufacturer's sales representative. This critical position links businesses to businesses. Making sales presentations to various distributors, dealers and retailers requires skill, stamina and persistence. A manufacturer sales representative is well rewarded financially for getting results.


Merchandising involves assembling assortments of products that appeal to retail or wholesale customers. Meeting this goal requires product knowledge and understanding the incentives that motivate consumer buying patterns as well as how to help retailers and wholesalers grow and stay profitable. Career opportunities are available in buying, promoting, and selling positions. The positions require enthusiasm, innovation, creativity and interpersonal skills to succeed.

Product Management

One of the most exciting marketing careers involves coordinating all of the activities related to planning, developing and promoting a company's line of products and brands. This career choice requires boundless energy.


Retailers are the point of contact with the paying customer. The retailer has to select merchandise that consumers want and then convince consumers to buy it. It may involve specialized products or a variety of types and brands. If you can meet consumer needs, this is a highly rewarding career.


The role of the wholesaler is to be a source of supply for industrial users, retailers