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Visual Communications

Visual Communications

Three program options are currently available: the Visual Communications Associate Degree, the one-year Certificate in Visual Communications, and an Enhanced Skills Certificate.

  1. Visual Communications Associate Degree

    The Associate Degree curriculum is designed to be completed in four long-term semesters and one summer session. Within the 66 credit hours are three to six hours of cooperative work experience in an area business or a design studio practicum in the campus student design studio.

  2. Certificate in Visual Communications

    The accredited, one-year Certificate in Visual Communications provides students with basic knowledge about the visual communications industry. The primary objective of the curriculum is to familiarize students with concepts, skills, tools and computer software used in the visual communication fields. The curriculum provides an introduction to the creative, conceptual, technical, interpersonal and communication skills necessary for a career within the visual communications industry.

  3. Enhanced Skills Certificate

    The Enhanced Skills Certificate, attached to the Visual Communications Associate Degree, provides high school graduates in a tech prep program the opportunity to acquire advanced skills required by the industry. This Certificate is primarily for students who begin our program in their junior and senior years in high school through an affiliated tech prep high school.

What Students are Saying

 "I want to tell you what a wonderful class I just finished taking - Lauri Collin's new class ARTC 1359 Visual Design for New Media. We all learned an incredible amount about how to deal with a website client from beginning to end. This was truly "real world" learning, and I believe everyone in the class was grateful that Brookhaven offers it. The only problem I have with the class is that it is now over and I want it to keep going on and on! Thank you the help you have provided in encouraging such a fine Visual Communications Department."
-Nancy Lubar


Giraud Polite
visual communications professor

Wes Smith
instructional associate visual communications
Ray-Mel Cornelius
visual communications professor

The Visual Communications Department is a part of the Business Studies Division at Brookhaven College. Questions may be directed to,, or 972-860-4735.

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