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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brookhaven College have a journalism program?

  • Yes. Brookhaven offers an Associate of Arts Degree with a Field of Study in Mass Communications-Journalism.

What if I don’t know yet what I want my career to be?

  • Brookhaven’s journalism program is ideal for any student interested in writing, photography, videography, radio/television production, broadcasting, design, illustration, public relations, advertising and marketing, as it gives students exposure to a wide variety of communication- and computer-related tasks. Through course content and one-on-one guidance, the instructors will work with each student to decide if a future in journalism is a good fit for them.

What will I do and learn in Brookhaven’s journalism program?

  • Brookhaven’s journalism program gives students the opportunity to try their hand at newswriting, editing, photography, videography, broadcasting, illustration and design – either all of the above or a personally selected few. The student will practice these skills by contributing to the student-run Brookhaven Courier and get a feel for real-world journalism in Brookhaven’s student newsroom (Bldg. U, Room U241).

Which classes should I take first?

  • Step 1: Register for COMM 1307 - Introduction to Mass Communication. This is a Core Curriculum course and is required for this AA degree.
  • Step 2: Register for COMM 2311 - Media Writing. This is the beginning newswriting course and is required for this AA degree. Upon completion of COMM 2311, students should register for COMM 2315-News Reporting, which is the advanced newswriting course and is also required.
  • Step 3: ​The next set of required courses gives students the freedom to choose whichever focus interests them. Students are required to select any two (2) of the following courses
      • ​COMM 1316 - News Photography I (Upon completion, COMM 1317-News Photography II)
      • COMM 1318 - Photography I (Upon completion, COMM 1319-Photography II)
      • COMM 1335 - Introduction to Electronic Media (offered only at Eastfield and Richland)
      • COMM 2305 - Editing and Layout
      • COMM 2327 - Introduction to Advertising
      • COMM 2330 - Introduction to Public Relations
      • COMM 2332 - Radio/Television News (offered only at Eastfield and Richland)
      • COMM 2339 - Writing for Radio, Television and Film (offered only at North Lake and Richland)

​​Click here for a full list of course requirements for this degree.​​

Still have questions? Contact the Brookhaven Courier advisers by email (​), phone (972-860-4350) or stopping by the newsroom in Bldg. U, Room U241.