Bridge Program: RN, RT or PA to Paramedic

Bridge Program: RN, RT or PA to Paramedic

Course Dates: Fall and Spring
Course Times: TBA

Course Number: EMSP 2553, lecture; EMSP 2463, clinical, EMSP 2237.

Course Description: (12 credit-hours) The student will be introduced to patient assessment, air care, medical emergency and trauma care from a pre-hospital care perspective along with the skills to support these activities. Students also must test and earn DSHS EMT-Basic certification during this course and prior to beginning clinical. Students will attend eight to 10, 24-hour MICU rotations. Uniforms are required for clinical sessions.

Prerequisites: This course is for students holding an RN, RT or PA credential with a minimum of 24 months of critical-patient care in an emergency department or critical-care unit; current ACLS Certificate and an associate’s degree or higher in a related health care discipline are required. Must provide proof of immunizations and proof of medical insurance.

Tuition for 12 Credits:Tuition scales.

Liability Insurance: All students, once admitted, are required to purchase professional liability insurance unless provided by employer with a letter on file. Students cannot attend clinical without professional liability insurance that is valid throughout the course. The cost is to be announced in class.

End-of-Course Outcomes: Students will be eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and apply for Texas Department of State Health Services Paramedic Certification.

Contact Information

David Dunafan, NREMT-P