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Capstone Experience

Capstone Experience

The EMT Capstone Exam is administered during EMSP 1160. It is comprehensive to ensure competency of the entire EMT Program learning experience.

The Capstone Exam consists of two parts:

  • Successful completion of the MICU internship
  • A comprehensive 100-question exam.

Passing both components of the capstone final exam is required to be eligible to receive a DSHS Course Completion Certificate, and to receive a passing grade on EMSP 1160.

  1. The MICU and Clinical Rotations internship:
    1. MICU Internship: consists of two to four shifts (24 hours each) on an MICU
    2. Clinical Rotation internship: consists of four to six shifts (eight to 12 hours each) in a hospital emergency room as assigned by the Clinical Coordinator, for a total of 48 hours.
      • The components of the EMT internship evaluated are psychomotor skills, to include patient assessment, non-invasive medical procedures; interaction with patients, public and public servants; timeliness and general performance under stress and other adverse conditions; and documentation.
      • Failure of any of the above components may result in failure of the EMT-B internship.
      • EMT internship is a continual experience. Should a student fail the internship, the student will be required to re-enroll in EMSP 1160.
      • Students who fail the EMT internship will receive a grade of “F” for EMSP 1160 regardless of the score on the written component of the examination.
      • Students who fail to complete the EMT internship will have to successfully complete a DSHS‐approved recertification or remedial course before being allowed to repeat/retake EMSP 1160.
      • Students needing to re-take EMSP 1160 must do so within six months of the end of internship, or completion of an approved DSHS remedial/refresher/recertification course will be required—at the student’s expense
  2. The written component: consists of 100 multiple-choice questions
    • A minimum grade of 70 percent is required to receive a passing grade.
      The student will have two attempts at passing this written exam.
    • After the initial attempt, the student will have one retest available before recertification/refresher training is required.
    • After the second attempt, a DSHS-approved recertification/remedial course—at student’s expense—must be successfully completed prior to any further attempts.
  3. Both components of the Capstone Exam MUST BE successfully completed or the student will not receive a DSHS Course Completion Certificate from the BHC-EMT-Basic Program, and will result in a failing grade for EMSP 1160.