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Course Curriculum

Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certification

Degree Plan Code: C1.EMS.EMT.BASIC

This certificate will prepare completers to function in emergency medical service positions in the pre-hospital environment. The certificate includes classroom instruction, hospital rotations with emphasis on emergency department experience and emergency ambulance experience. The EMT program includes instruction in basic life support, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automatic external defibrillation, physical assessment, bandaging and splinting, traction splinting, spinal immobilization, airway management, oxygen therapy, and other noninvasive procedures. The course work prepares the completer to take the National Registry Exam for Emergency Medical Technician – Basic.

College credit for EMT – Basic certification can be given through credit- by-exam. Please contact the Health and Human Services Division for more information.

The Brookhaven College EMS Program requires assessment scores of at least 0091 in reading-DREA, 0091 in writing-DWRI, and 0097 in math-DMAT.

CPR Card Requirements

Immunization Requirements

Social Security Card Requirements

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Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certificate

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Important Note to Students:

Completion of this program does not guarantee registration with the NREMT, or certification/license with DSHS.