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Admission Schedule and Deadlines

Schedule and Deadlines for Spring 2018 Nursing Admission

Students applying to the Nursing Program should be mindful of the following schedule and deadlines to submit paperwork or take action.

Now-Aug. 31
Transcript pre-evaluation and course substitutions completed. Please contact the nursing office for the forms and procedures at Brookhaven College. 
Coursework taken outside of the DCCCD must be evaluated. Course substitutions are required for all courses not matching our curriculum plan. This includes courses taken at other DCC​CD campuses.
July 29, Aug. 26, Sept. 9 Dosage Calculations Workshop. Dosage Calculations Exam dates are July 29, Aug. 26 and Sept. 9, 2017 in Bldg. X, Room X1091 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Aug. 28-Sept. 16
HESI™ A2 testing is available in the Testing Center at Brookhaven College. Subject areas include: reading, grammar, vocabulary, math and anatomy & physiology sections.
Aug. 28-Sept. 16
Critical thinking is offered in the testing center.

Sept. 18-29

By 3 p.m., all applications for nursing admission must be received at Brookhaven College (Bldg. X, Room X1082).

Oct. 6

Students will be notified of their application points through email provided on the student's application.

Oct. 9-13

Student dispute period: Should an application issue arise, the student must email the nursing administrative assistant describing the problem. After the dispute period, all applications will be considered correct and no changes will be made.

Oct. 20

Students will be notified of interview status.

Oct. 23-27

Interviews and Professional Writing Samples are conducted.

Oct. 31

Candidates will receive an email regarding their admission status.

Nov. 3

By noon, candidates must email the nursing administrative assistant indicating acceptance or regrets.
Vacancies may occur. The vacancies will be offered to the next ranked candidate by email or phone.
Admitted nursing students are required to attend Success Camp. This activity is mandatory and the dates and times will be emailed as soon as they are determined.