Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can applications be mailed to the Nursing Department?
    No, because you are required to show your original social security card and original current, valid Texas Driver's License.

  2. How are points calculated?
    Using the Ranking for Admission form found on the BHC Nursing website.
    • HESI A2 score (minus 75 points)
    • GPA of the 4 prerequisite classes
    • Support course points
    • Critical thinking exam points
    • HESI A2 + GPA + support course points + critical thinking exam points + Total points

    All the above are verified by the supporting documents included in the nursing packet. The Ranking for Admission form must be filled out completely when applying to the program.

  3. Do all immunizations need to be completed before the application is submitted?
    Effective Oct. 1, 2016, all nursing students applying to the Nursing program are required to submit a positive titer, with their application, for the following immunizations: *MMR, Varicella and Hep B surface antibody. Also required: Negative TB test, tDAP, Meningitis and Flu Shot.

  4. Should official transcripts be included with the application packet?
    Official transcripts are only needed if courses were not taken in, or evaluated by, the DCCCD. All other courses will show up on the unofficial degree plan. The Admissions office will provide a copy of official transcripts if they have been submitted.

  5. When is a course substitution needed?
    Course substitutions are needed when the course does not match the course on the degree. Example: BIOL 2421 does not match BIOL 2420 so a course substitution would be needed. Please stop by the Nursing Department for a transcript evaluation.

  6. Will previously taken courses expire?
    No. Classes do not expire for the Brookhaven College Nursing Program.

  7. How many times can the HESI A2 be taken?
    The HESI A2 can be taken once every application period. The most current score is accepted. The HESI A2 can be taken anywhere; however, all the required parts must be taken including: Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Math, Anatomy and Physiology.

  8. Is Dosage Calculations needed to apply?
    Yes, proof of an “A” in a Dosage Calculation class OR a copy of the Dosage Calculation Workshop exam score with a minimum grade of 90% must be included in the application packet.

  9. How many points are required to apply to the Brookhaven College Nursing Program?
    The minimum points vary from semester to semester, so check the Ranking for Admission form located on the Nursing web site to determine minimum points needed to apply.

  10. Should all support classes be completed before applying?
    Not necessarily. However, support classes must be completed before graduating from the Brookhaven College Nursing Program. It is improbable to attain the minimum points without completing most of the support classes.