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Clinicals and Internships

Clinicals and Internships

Commitment to Public Service Assignments

Assignments are made without regard to time of day, day of week or holiday schedule. There are no off-days for emergency medicine providers. Duty-days, in this case the student’s assigned rotation-day, are a commitment to provide a necessary public service. Assignments to specific clinical sites are not guaranteed to students.

Hospital Assignments

Hospital assignments will be done using a random student selection method. When a student is advised by the clinical coordinator that the student is cleared for sign-up, the student must do so promptly or accept whatever is assigned.

EMS Program Policy - Students (interns) as Staff while on Clinical and/or Internship

It is the policy of the Brookhaven College EMS Program that at no time during a clinical or internship experience may a student be used as part of the regular assigned staff at a clinical site or an ambulance vehicle. The students will be considered as a student only and not part of the required staff for any clinical site, fire department or ambulance.

MICU Internship Requirement

MICU internship assignments will be scheduled from within the student’s top three choices from a list of MICU sites provided by the clinical coordinator, whenever possible.

Prior or Immediate Notification of Any Absence

One re-schedule will be allowed for unforeseen, urgent, just and reasonable causes, provided that the clinical coordinator, or the EMS program director, is contacted prior to the absence. Emergencies will be taken into consideration. This includes inclement weather related attendance problems.

Clinical Objectives

The only medical skills permitted to be performed are those found on the clinical objectives. It is the responsibility of all students to become thoroughly familiar with these objectives. The personnel at the clinical sites host interns from many medical specialties and may not be fully aware of these objectives. It is the Brookhaven College student’s responsibility to advise the preceptor if the skill performance requested is not within the scope of the training through the Brookhaven College EMS Program. Clinical objectives will be thoroughly reviewed in class and are part of the course syllabi.

Costs not covered by tuition

Costs associated with food, parking and other incidentals while at clinical sites are not included in the college tuition.

Clinical & Internship Minimums

  1. The hospital minimum clinical assignment for EMT-P is 288 hours in eight- to 12-hour shifts.
  2. The MICU internship minimum assignment for EMT-P is 264 hours in 24-hour shifts on an “every third day” rotating schedule.

Internship Experience Requirements

The Paramedic Program requires successful completion of the internship experience, which may include additional shifts, until the preceptor(s) can safely and honestly sign a release indicating that the intern is capable to function independently as an EMS provider. There is no maximum number of internship hours.

Internship Sites

The following list is subject to change based on contract agreements and site availability:

  1. Hospitals, including:
    • Baylor Medical Center, Dallas
    • Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
    • Denton Regional Hospital, Denton
    • Medical City, Dallas
    • Medical Center, Plano
    • Parkland Health & Hospital System
    • Dallas Medical Center
  2. Fire Departments/EMS Agencies:
    • Addison Fire Department
    • Carrollton Fire Department
    • Duncanville Fire Department
    • Farmers Branch Fire Department
    • Irving Fire Department
    • Grand Prairie Fire Department
    • Hutchins Fire Department
    • AMR Collin County
    • Rockwall County EMS

Completion Time

The Brookhaven College EMS Program has set specific completion guidelines. Students must complete all associated clinical experiences, hospital and MICU, within the designated time for their class. For Paramedics, this is 45 days from the last day in the classroom.