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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Social Security Card Requirements

Upon acceptance to Brookhaven College's health programs in Emergency Medical Services, Nursing and Radiologic Sciences, students are required to obtain a social security number. International students are advised to contact the Brookhaven College Multicultural Center, Room S136,, 972-860-4192, concerning this requirement.

Required Immunizations

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires that all students enrolled in health professions programs that are exposed to blood and body fluid must have completed the Hepatitis B series prior to direct patient care. The series includes three injections.

Students enrolling in Paramedic programs must have completed the immunization series before they begin clinical rotations. Students without proof of completed immunizations will not be allowed to continue in the program. No exceptions.

Other required proof of completed immunizations and tests include: Tetanus and Diphtheria, Meningitis and Seasonal Flu, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Varicella and a Tuberculosis test within the last 12 months. If the TB test was positive, then results from a current annual chest X-ray will need to be provided.

Hospitals/clinical facilities have the right to refuse students who have asked for exemptions from immunizations for personal or religious reasons. These cases will be handled individually.

Required Proof of Texas Residency

Proof of Texas residency is required for those who wish to be classified as residents for tuition purposes.

Required Drug Screening and Criminal Background Checks

Background checks and random drug screenings are required and are done prior to clinical rotations. You will be informed of the cost during the course orientation.

Dates of drug testing are selected at random. Students should be prepared from the second day of the program forward to have payment available for the cost of the drug screen test. You will be informed of the current cost during the course orientation.

Faculty members will advise students on specific procedures to follow.

  1. Failure of either the criminal background check or the drug screen will result in dismissal from the Paramedic Program. There is no re-testing or re-investigation.
  2. Students already in clinical or internships who fail the criminal background or drug screen will be removed from the clinical or internship and dismissed from the program.

Required Liability Insurance

  1. Each student is required to have a registration summary available to present to the faculty on the first day of class as proof of payment for the liability insurance policy.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the document to show proof of insurance until they have completed their entire program.
  3. The cost is not included in the tuition.
  4. The coverage is for one calendar year starting Sept. 1, through Aug. 31. There is no refund(s) available once this policy payment is made.

Required CPR Certification

All paramedic students require current CPR certification for infant, child and adult. This is the Emergency Provider level by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, Professional Rescuer by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

  1. Students cannot register for the Paramedic Program without having a current CPR card.
  2. Brookhaven College’s Workforce and Continuing Education Division, the ECSI, the AHA, the ARC and various hospitals in the area offer the CPR courses.
  3. CPR certification must remain current for the duration of the program.

Required EMS Certification

Prospective paramedic students must provide proof of State of Texas-certification for EMT-B or EMT-I in order to proceed with enrollment into the Paramedic Program.