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Classroom Policies

Code of Conduct and other Classroom Policies

Brookhaven College EMS Program Code of Student Conduct

The entire content of the Student Code of Conduct is online in the Brookhaven College Catalog.

Your enrollment indicates acceptance of the Student Code of Conduct.

The following behaviors are not in accordance with the expectations from a professional public servant or a health care provider and are not compatible with the Brookhaven College EMS Program. The following behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in a dismissal from the Brookhaven College EMS Program.

  • Medication/substance abuse;
  • Cheating;
  • Disruptive behavior;
  • Any weapon on college premises or at college-sponsored activities;
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior inconsistent with the professional EMS provider;
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or “partying” while wearing the Brookhaven College EMS uniform;
  • Intentional damage of any equipment or premises.

Attire and Personal Hygiene

  1. Good personal hygiene and a neat professional appearance are expected in class and at the clinical sites.
  2. Body piercing and tattoos may prevent you from your choice of clinical or internship facilities and jeopardize your ability to complete the EMS program.
  3. Students’ grooming —hair style, facial hair, jewelry, etc.— must conform to that of the EMS profession. In general, public service institutions require a military-style dress code and personal grooming. Students can make an appointment with the program’s director or faculty prior to registering for the EMS program if there is any doubt as to conflicts with this policy.


  1. Uniforms are required of all students starting the fourth class date. One gray short sleeve uniform shirt is mandatory.
  2. The gray Brookhaven College EMS program uniform shirt, blue uniform pant or similar style pants, black shoes or boots and a black belt must be worn to all class activities.
  3. No tennis shoes or open toe shoes are allowed as part of the uniform.
  4. A dark navy uniform jacket or EMS Program polar fleece may be worn as weather conditions require.
  5. Uniform shirts are ordered through the EMS Office. An order form will be provided at the orientation day.
  6. Students out of uniform will be given a verbal warning, but may be sent home and counted absent if non-compliant the next incident.

Supplies Specific to the EMS Program

  1. An EMT holster combo, to include trauma shears, penlight, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope is required.
  2. This equipment is available in the Follett Bookstore in the form of the EMS Kit.

Brookhaven College Student I.D.

  1. Students are required to have a Brookhaven College student identification card on the first day of class. Cards are free and available from the Student Programs And Resources Office, Room S201, in the Brookhaven College Student Services Center.
  2. A paid tuition receipt is required for an I.D. card to be issued.


  1. Students are responsible for checking the course syllabus for the most up-to-date list of required and recommended textbooks.
  2. Students are required to have the textbooks.

Other Classroom Policies

  1. Smoking is permitted only outside the buildings in designated smoking areas.
  2. Drinks are allowed in the classroom. Eating is allowed in designated areas only. Students are responsible for leaving the area clean.
  3. At the end of each class, students ARE expected to throw away any trash and help in returning the training equipment to the appropriate location.
  4. The telephones in the offices are not for student use.
  5. Parking is permitted only in the designated student parking areas. Parking is not permitted in spaces reserved as “staff” or “visitor.”

Animals On Campus

  1. Animals are permitted on campus only in accordance with DCCCD policy.

Cell Phones and Pagers in the Classroom

  1. Cell telephone and pagers must be in silent mode or turned off during class.
  2. All pagers and cell phones will be turned off or given to the instructor in silent mode while taking an exam.
  3. Any device ringing during class/lab will result in two points being deducted from the course grade for the first occurrence, five more points for the second occurrence, and 10 more points for the third occurrence and so on. Time will be allowed for phone calls during break time.

Health and Safety

  1. Students must report illnesses or exposure to communicable diseases to the instructor as soon as possible. Injuries or accidents occurring during class should be reported. An incident report filed with the college nurse may be necessary.
  2. The student is encouraged to report problems encountered in clinical or labs, which may endanger students or patients, or harm the relationship between the clinical site and Brookhaven College.
  3. Change in Health Status
    • A student who has any significant change in his/her health that may affect or be affected by his/her EMS Education Program course work will be required to obtain a physician’s release. The release must specify the conditions, if any, under which the student is able to return to the classroom and clinical activities.
    • Examples of significant changes in health status include pregnancy, infectious diseases and significant physical injury or illness. A physician restriction for return to normal activities may cause a delay in completion of the program. These conditions will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the program director.
    • Students who must be absent from clinical experience due to a physical or mental illness, surgery or pregnancy will be required to obtain a written physician release before returning to the clinical setting.
  4. Pregnancy
    • As EMS poses a significant risk of exposure to diseases and physical/emotional strain, female students are required to submit a pregnancy status form.
    • Most emergency scenes are chaotic until emergency responders apply the necessary mitigation procedures. For this reason, Brookhaven College maintains controls regarding pregnant students in the EMS Program.
    • The student must decide whether to accept the risks associated with EMS internships. If the pregnant student chooses to continue in the program during her pregnancy, every effort will be made to protect her unborn child. However, clinical experiences of the type contained in the curriculum must be completed prior to graduation.
    • If a pregnant student chooses to withdraw during the term of her pregnancy, she will be readmitted upon completion of her pregnancy leave pending space availability. The length of pregnancy leave is to be determined by the student’s physician. If the student does not re-enter the program upon completion of her pregnancy leave, she must reapply under the standard readmission procedure. If the pregnant student decides to remain in the EMS Program, she accepts full responsibility regarding the outcome.
    • Students anticipating surgery or the delivery of a baby, who will require a longer recuperation period before a physician release can be obtained, are urged to wait to enroll in a future program.

Inclement Weather Policy

  1. When the Dallas County Community College District closes, all Brookhaven College classes at the main campus and its centers also will be canceled. During inclement weather or an emergency, please listen to your radio or TV for announcements of cancellations or visit www.BrookhavenCollege.edu. Brookhaven College is one of the seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District, DCCCD, and may be listed as such in the broadcast messages.

    Student Inclement Weather Hotline Number:

    972-860-4200 • Information available: 5:45-6:30 a.m.
  2. Your instructor will arrange for make-up of any missed material or lab in the next class.
  3. Though there are no “days off” in Emergency Public Services, in the interest of student safety, the EMS Education Program will abide by closures of the main campus and/or the Dallas County Community College District.
  4. The hospital clinical and MICU internships are specifically excluded from this inclement weather policy. Please refer to the “EMS Clinical and Internship” document for specific attendance policies.


Brookhaven College offers tutoring through Instructional Support Services at 972-860-4199. The EMS department secretary can assist you in arranging for tutoring.