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Grading System

Grading System for the Emergency Medical Services Program

A 70.00 percent is necessary for successful completion of all final exams.

  1. All EMS students must be successful in their respective comprehensive final exam and associated skills to receive a DSHS Course Completion Certificate.
  2. There is only one final exam retest opportunity for each EMSP course. This is an EMS Program policy. The Capstone Final Examination for each program is specifically exempt from this policy.
  3. Individual faculty may elect to afford make-up opportunities for skills verifications, quizzes and exams at their discretion and in concurrence with the excused absence guidelines. It will be specified in that particular course syllabus.
  4. All EMS course grades will be computed/weighed from:
    1. Quizzes: An average of all quizzes.
    2. Skills: On-going skills verifications pertinent to the current topic during class.
      • These skill verifications are not part of the capstone final examination procedure(s).
      • These skills verifications may include National Registry level skills
    3. Other Major Exams:
      • Any other designated major exam as specified in that particular class’ syllabus.
      • A designated major exam minimum grade is specific to that particular course syllabi.
      • Failure of a major exam can be designated as a failure of the course in that particular course syllabi.
    4. The EMSP Course Final Exam:
      • The Final Exam minimum grade is 70 percent.
      • Failure of this exam will result in a failure of the respective course.
      • A final exam for a particular class may include psychomotor skills verifications.
    5. The Course Content Comprehensive Final Exam:
      • Comprises a course content component and
      • Verification of skills proficiency
      • For EMT-B:
        • It is administered in EMSP 1501.
        • Successful completion of the Course Content Comprehensive Final Examination process for EMSP 1501 is necessary to attend MICU internship (EMSP 1160) at the EMT-Basic level.
      • For EMT-P:
        • It is administered in EMSP 2143.
        • Successful completion of the Course Content Comprehensive Final Examination process for EMSP 2143 is necessary to attend MICU internship (EMSP 2463) at the paramedic level.
  5. It will be necessary for each student to successfully pass the skills proficiency verifications for their particular level. If not successful on initial verification, there will be a chance for ONE retest. Students must practice that specific skill prior to retesting or sign a waiver refusing retraining.
  6. Unannounced quizzes can be expected as students are responsible for material that has been covered in previous classes. In some instances, a quiz may be given based on reading assignments as found on the syllabus provided.
  7. Any student with an average below 70.00 percent will not be allowed to begin clinical. Once the overall average is above 70.00 percent, the student may then attend clinical.
  8. Grading Scale:
    • A letter grade of A for a score range of 90.00 to 100 percent
    • A letter grade of B for a score range of 80.00 to 89.99 percent
    • A letter grade of C for a score range of 70.00 to 79.99 percent
    • A letter grade of D for a score range of 60.00 to 69.99 percent
    • A letter grade of F will be awarded for a score less than 60.00 percent