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Transfer & Credit By Exam

Transfer & Credit-by-Exam

College Credit

College credit is granted for all course work successfully completed through Brookhaven College for the EMT Basic, Paramedic or Associate’s Degree in Paramedicine. If a student has previously earned a minimum of the EMT Basic Certification, non college credit, whether it was at an independent or fire service-based EMS school, a high school, another agency, or out-of-state, college credit may be awarded via credit-by-exam.


  • To get credit for a noncredit EMS course, a student must take a credit-by-examination.
  • The student must be currently enrolled at the college to be eligible for credit-by-examination(s).
  • For additional information, students must contact the Brookhaven College EMS program director, at 972-860-7879. Students should bring all certifications when meeting with the director.

Courses Eligible for Credit-By-Exam

The following are courses that are eligible for credit-by-exam

  • EMSP 1501 Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMSP 1438 Intro to Advanced Practice
  • EMSP 1356 Patient Assessment and Airway Management
  • EMSP 2444 Cardiology
  • EMSP 2434 Medical Emergencies
  • EMSP 1355 Trauma Management
  • EMSP 2430 Special Populations
  • EMSP 2338 EMS Operations
  • EMSP 2143 Assessment Based Management
Note: DCCCD policy allows credit-by-exam to be attempted only once per eligible EMSP course.

Texas Certification Requirement

Students who have EMT-Basic certification from another state may enroll in the paramedic courses, but must become certified in the State of Texas before the start of clinical internships of the paramedic course.

25 Percent Requirement at Brookhaven College

Students wishing to transfer previous credit to Brookhaven College for the Associate in Applied Science – Paramedicine, must complete 25 percent of the program curriculum at Brookhaven College. Evaluation of support courses for the AAS degree in paramedicine is done in the Brookhaven College Admissions Office. Degree planning for the support courses can be done in the Advising and Counseling Center.

Skills Demonstration After Exam

  1. After you pass the exam(s), you will make an appointment to demonstrate the technical skills associated with the course work for which you are receiving credit. The skills evaluations will take place at the Brookhaven College EMS Office.
    NOTE:Students who have a current EMS instructor license and currently teach EMT/Paramedic skills may have the skills-demonstration waived. Check with the EMS program director for the most current policy.
  2. When you pass the skills-demonstration portion of the course, you will need to enroll in the next available clinical class: ambulance ride-outs and hospital rotations.
    NOTE: Students who have been practicing as EMTs or paramedics for at least three years may have the clinical portion waived. Check with the EMS program director for the most current policy.