Students can step outside the traditional science offerings and expand their view, quite literally, with an astronomy course.

Astronomy looks at the universe, but also works to explain so much of what we know about our own planet. The sky is a free laboratory! Understanding astronomy teaches scientific literacy and can spark students’ imaginations as well as train their minds for scientific methods of inquiry.

Astronomy courses are offered on-campus and online. Students have the opportunity to do star gazing, go on field trips to dark sky sites and view the marvels of the night sky through telescopes.

Astronomy Department Mission Statement

The mission of the astronomy department is to enable student success through outstanding instruction, meaningful lab activities and individualized assistance.

The goal of the astronomy department is to make students scientifically literate with the skills to think critically and apply the principles of science to explain various astronomical phenomena.

We also provide opportunities for our students and our community to view the night sky and personally experience the marvels of the universe.​