Chemistry Tutorials

This section of the Web site provides tutorials for common techniques used in the chemistry laboratory.

When preparing a lab procedure, it is suggested that you reference these tutorials. The site is designed for broadband Internet access. Dial-up users may experience extended delays while loading the tutorials.

Should you have any questions regarding the techniques presented, please ask your instructor.

Use all equipment with care and always follow proper procedures. Improper use of equipment in the laboratory may lead to injury.



 Bunsen Burner

 Büchner Filtration

Charles Law

Determination of R



Melting Point


 Types of Chemical Reactions



Tutorial FAQs

Q: The tutorial movies don't play or I just see an empty square.

A: The tutorials are encoded in WMV format and should play on any windows machine.  Try downloading and installing the windows media player if you are using Firefox or any other browser other than Internet Explorer.

Q: I just see a black box where the movies should be.

A: Give it a moment, this means the movie is streaming to your computer.