English for Speakers of Other Languages

Find a Job

Level 0 – Two/English for the Workplace Self-Paced

Start your journey with our English for the Workplace: Self-Paced course. It is designed to help you prepare for an entry-level position in the job market.

Gain some basic skills for finding a job. Learn to:

  • read want ads,
  • complete an employment application,
  • communicate your abilities, and
  • ask and answer questions.
Classes focus on specific skills for different levels, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Survive in a Job

English for the Workplace,
Level Three–Five, Part A and B

As you move through the English for the Workplace levels, you will build the skills used daily in the business world. To survive in a job, second language learners need to be able to:

  • follow oral and written directions;
  • understand and use safety language;
  • locate written information in manuals and job aids;
  • ask for explanations; and
  • make small talk.

Thrive in a Job

English for the Workplace,
Level Six –Eight, Part A and B

To succeed in a job and have opportunities to change jobs, you need to be able to participate in all aspects of the workplace. Knowing how to access and use written information from diverse sources is essential, and you also will need to:

  • take part in group discussions;
  • give and follow directions;
  • explain a task to others;
  • hypothesize and predict outcomes;
  • state a position; express an opinion,
  • negotiate; interrupt and take turns.


Additional Workplace English courses for Professional Development

Our elective courses provide professional development of skills in critical thinking, presentations and writing. Soon we will be offering ESOL courses that are targeted to specific industries and businesses where people are seeking growth and advancement.

  • English for the Workplace Pronunciation, Beginning and Intermediate
  • Speaking/Conversation
  • Speaking/Conversation Advanced
  • Workplace English conversation/Speech
  • Writing Skills for the Workplace, Level A and B
  • Media and Popular Culture for ESOL

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