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Vernon Hawkins, associate vice president of Workforce and Continuing Education

To assist you in obtaining specific information about contract training, on-site education for your employees, a course in which you are interested, or a situation you encounter, please contact one of our staff members.

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Brianna Williams

Credit Courses Offered for Noncredit, Internal Transfers

Melanie Gamble

Oil and Natural Gas, Corporate Training972-860-4719

Susana Ruelas

Medical Services/Health Careers, Certified Personal Trainer, Languages, English for Speakers of Other Languages 972-860-7846

Julie Stearman

Food Certification, Irrigation Technician, Personal Finance
Rick TumanArts Academy, Art, Jewelry, Music, Photography, Wellness, Child Development, Test Preparation, Floral Design, Automotive, Creative Writing, Interior Design, Sewing, Candle Making, Blacksmithing, Students 50+ Program, Computer Technology, Youth Program, Welding 972-860-4678

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