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Small Business Entrepreneurship Program

Building a successful small business means taking your great idea and developing a working plan to turn that concept into reality. The Brookhaven Small Business Entrepreneurship Program is a multi-layered program designed to guide you through the journey from concept to startup.

We understand that not all entrepreneurs are at the same point along their business development journey. With this perspective in mind, we know there will be distinct levels of knowledge and understanding of how to start and run a business. To address these differences, our program is multi-layered and customized to address each of the four nationally recognized stages all small businesses go through. Participants will have the option to select the stage that best aligns with their personal business knowledge, experience and competence level or where they are in their business development journey.

• Stage One: Business Concept Development
• Stage Two: Business Plan Development
• Stage Three: Business Launch
• Stage Four: Business Up and Running

Key Program Features

Each participant receives an electronic binder containing all course information, presentations and associated handouts as well as a guide for effective note taking. Participants earn a certificate of completion for each stage of the program.

Business Concept Development Stage

  • Guest speakers associated with public and private business development resources including North Texas Small Business Development Center
  • Field trip to Addison Treehouse which serves as a resource center for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Assignment of an SBDC advisor via Addison Treehouse

Business Plan Development Stage

  • Business plan template and other working documents
  • Establishing a legal structure and filing to establish a Tax ID
  • Establishing social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Basic HR training for workforce planning and staffing issues
  • Creating a 30-second business elevator pitch to effectively communicate your concept
  • Assignment of a SCORE mentor

Business Launch Stage

  • Electronic copies of business plan and course working documents
  • Budget and balance sheet development
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Writing and posting a professional business launch press release
  • Assignment of business mentor working with Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce