Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I buy my books and how much do they cost?

A: Some courses require the purchase of one or more textbooks. The costs for the required books can vary from as low as $25 to $65 or more. Textbooks are generally needed at the first class meeting. Textbooks may be purchased at the Follett bookstore on the college campus or through any vendor of your choice.

These are a list of the types of courses most likely to require students to purchase books.
​Certificate Programs
​Computer Training
​English for Speakers of Other Languages
​Health Care Careers
​Small Business
​World Languages
​Writing​Test Preparation

Q: Is financial aid available for my class?

A: Check the college's schedule online to see if the class you want to take is eligible for financial aid. Classes that are eligible are clearly marked next to the course title "Eligible for Financial Aid" and are highlighted in green. See this step-by-step process with links to the proper forms that you will need to apply for Financial Aid.


Q: What if I want to take a credit course, but I don't want college credit?

A: Taking a college credit course through continuing education is referred to as concurrent enrollment. It is up to the credit division whether or not a class can be taken for noncredit and some courses require approval from the division.  Some institutions refer to this as "auditing" a class.

Q: The class I want to enroll in is full. Are there waiting lists?

A: Some of our most popular classes fill very quickly. Waitlists are not generated.  If you contact our staff at 972-860-4715, someone can tell you if there are additional classes that would be added. It helps us to know when demand for a class is high, so we can try to offer additional class sections.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for this class?

A: There are certification classes, like those for health care programs, where students will take a state certification test to receive certification. Other programs that offer a series of classes may award a certificate of completion.

​Certificate Programs                   ​Award of Merit/Certificate of Completion
​Phlebotomy​Computer Software Specialist
​Dental AssistingDance
​Irrigation Technician
​Floral Design
We are happy to provide a transcript for you upon request by visiting the Admission Office located in the Student Service Building during normal business hours.

Q: Are there prerequisites for classes?

A: If a class has a prerequisite requirement it is noted in the course schedule. These requirements ensure that all students in the course will be adequately prepared for the demands of their class.

Q: Will I get college credits or grades for this class?

A: No. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded for those students who earn a completion code of CP in the course. CEUs are recognized nationally as a measure of substantive in-service education and training.

Q: What will I learn?

A: If you have more questions regarding learning outcomes after reviewing the course descriptions in the noncredit schedule, please contact the program coordinator for the type of class you are taking.

More Program Specific FAQs

If you have an interest in a specific program of study, you may have more questions.   See this listing of courses and programs for additional answers to frequently asked questions.

BCLS and ACLS Program     Blacksmithing
Computer Training
Corporate Training
Concurrent Enrollment
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Floral DesignFood ProtectionForeign Languages
Irrigation Technician
Online Classes​
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapy
Second Language Teaching Academy​
Skills Development Fund
Small BusinessSports Nutrition
Students 50+
Test Preparation
Youth Programs