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Part Time Salary Schedule

This document provides the part-time salary rates for various DCCCD positions.

The maximum number of hours per week for part-time employees is 19.50 hours per week.  A part-time employee is allowed to work a maximum of 1014 hours per fiscal year.  The fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31.  The 1014 hours includes the combination of teaching and part-time employment. 

To be selected for a part-time position, the candidate/employee must meet minimum requirements for the position.  Check with your location Human Resources Office prior to selecting a candidate for hire into a part-time role.

1. Community service courses
a. Instructors$11.90 per hour
b. Community Service Tutor
Since market factors may dictate a pay rate that is more or less than listed pay rate, authorization is given to deviate from the pay rate accordingly.
$  7.61 per hour
2. Part-time/supplemental instruction, including Applied Music instructors
$48.42 per contact hour (credit)
($775 per unit)
3. Other part-time or supplemental employment including:
-Short-term substitute faculty
-Extended-day counselors
-Educational Resource Center - Extended-day - Developers of modules, program, etc.
-Extended-Day supervision
Hourly salary is in accordance with appropriate Job Title Code and salary range of position.
​Training Rate - Faculty Boot Camp​$30.00 per hour
Training Rate for Adjunct Instructors
(Approval of growth activity by college president required)
$19.37 per hour (effective Sept. 1, 2014) (Aug. 11, 2003 CCAB action has eliminated the maximum of 10 hours)
Military Program Instructors$24.45 per student
4. Long-term substitute faculty$775 per unit
5. Administrative internsCompensation per semester determined by the chancellor
6. Student Assistants
Please note: The hours worked by student assistants is limited to a maximum of 19.5 hours per week.

- Student Assistant not work study local fund(S01)$11.54
- Student Assistant - off campus-fed. funds(S12)$11.54
- Student Assistant - on campus work study-fund(S11)$11.54
- Student Assistant - Grant Funded (General)(S43)$11.54
- Student Internship-Mayor's Fellow(HS1)$  9.00
- FCWS - America Reads(S15)$11.54
- Work Study - Student Mentorship Program (S41)$11.54
7. Part-time and supplemental employment
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 1(H44)$20.51
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 2(H45)$22.79
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 3(H46)$25.06
Counselor I, Part-time(H54)$34.18
Counselor II, Part-time(H55)$38.38
Curriculum Development/Instructional Designer(H89)$26.94
Director Emergency Medical Service Program(H80)$41.93
Faculty Coordinator(H90)$31.28
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist I (H56)$19.37
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist II(H57)$22.79
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist III (H58)$26.20
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist I (H59)$19.37
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist II(H60)$22.79
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist III (H61)$26.20
Flight Simulator Technician(H43)$25.43
Flight Simulation Coordinator (H14)$25.43
Formation Facilitator(H74)$39.44
PSSA President(H99)$31.28
Senior Accompanist(H91)$11.39
Former Administrative Positions
Range I(HA1)$21.72
Range II(HA2)$25.03
Range III(HA3)$28.15
Range IV(HA4)$31.28
Range V(HA5)$38.46
Head Athletic Coach I (H51)$22.79
Head Athletic Coach II (H52)$25.64
Head Athletic Coach III (H53)$28.48
District Director - Athletic Programs(HAV)$28.15
IT Trainee(H41)$11.67
Life Guard I (H39)$10.25
Life Guard II (H40)$10.54
Life Guard III (H63)$10.83
Life Guard IV (H64)$11.11
Life Guard V (H65)$11.39
Life Guard, Senior (H13)$11.67
Model (H75)$19.37
Note-Taker for the Deaf(H15)$10.25
Peer Mentor (H67)$10.25
Program Manager I(HG2)$27.09
Program Manager II(HG3)$32.73
Program Manager III(HG4)$38.38
Project Leader I(H85)$25.03
Project Leader II(H86)$31.28
Project Leader III(H87)$38.47
Subject Matter Experts I(H81)$25.03
Subject Matter Experts II(H82)$28.15
Subject Matter Expert III(H88)$31.28
Student PC Technician I (H47)$10.25
Student PC Technician II (H48)$10.54
Student PC Technician III (H49)$10.83
Senior NSF Tutor (H79)$25.42
Test Proctor(H23)$11.44
Translator (H66)$24.21
Tutor I (Grant)(H72)$10.45
8. Services for instructional television
Copyreader/Proofreader (H33)$10.25
Senior Copyreader/Proofreader (H34)$12.35
Copy Editor (H35)$14.81
Senior Copy Editor (H36)$17.28
Project Producer I(H83)$25.03
Project Producer II(H84)$28.15
Publication Specialist (H37)$14.81
Senior Publication Specialist(H38)$18.51
Videographer A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)(H24)$24.68
Videographer B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)(H25)$30.86
Videographer C (requires 9+ years' exp.)(H26)$37.04
Audio Recordist A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)(H27)$21.61
Audio Recordist B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)(H28)$24.68
Audio Recordist C (requires 9+ years' exp.)(H29)$30.86
Video Editor A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)(H30)$18.51
Video Editor B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)(H31)$24.68
Video Editor C (requires 9+ years' exp.)(H32)$30.86
9. Intercollegiate sporting events (effective 1/8/14)
a. Level 1: Intramural
Referee/Umpire$6.50 per game/match
Sr. Referee/Sr. Umpire$7.50 per game/match
Linesman$5.15 per game/match
Sr. Linesman$6.50 per game/match
Scorekeeper/Timer$5.15 per game/match
Sr. Scorekeeper/Sr. Timer$6.50 per game/match
Special Events Official$6.50 per hour
b. Level 2: Metro Athletic Conference
Baseball Association Assigning Fee$100 per season
Baseball Mileage Fee$10 per day
Baseball Umpire$115 per 7 inning game
$130 per 9 inning game
Baseball Official$110 per game
Alternative Basketball Official$50 per game
Baseball Scrimmage Official$25 per game
Soccer Referee$135 per game
Soccer Linesman$100 per game
Soccer Association Assigning Fee$30 per game
Scorekeeper/Timer$15 per match
Sr. Scorekeeper/Timer$25 per match
Statistician/Video Tech.$10 per game/match
Sr. Statistician/Sr. Video Tech.$15 per game/match
Tournament Scorekeeper/Timer$25 per game/match
Volleyball Linesman$50 per match
(for MAC tournament only)
$15 per match (regular season)
Volleyball Scorekeeper$50 match
(for MAC tournament only)
Volleyball Official$115 for best of five matches
$  70 for best of three matches
$  40 for one 25 pt. tie breaker
Volleyball Assigning Fee$200 per season per college