Staff - Range N06

Effective September, 2017

Job Description Listing

Range Minimum Midpoint Maximum

JTC Job Title FLSA

Analyst (PDF - 118KB)

TSF Applications Support Manager (PDF - 19KB)E
​C10 ​Assistant District Director of Business Services (PDF - 16KB)
ICR Assistant to Vice President II (PDF - 13KB)
P91 Associate Director, Energy Management Services (PDF - 20KB)
P90Associate Director, Facilities Maintenance Services (PDF - 21KB) E
P92 Associate Director Facilities Support Services (PDF - 19KB) E
​CDOAuxiliary Business Services Manager (PDF - 143KB)​E
CJP College Curriculum Management (PDF - 13KB)
ICT​ ​District Accounts Payable Manager (PDF - 15KB)​E
TABDatabase Administrator II (PDF - 19KB) E
CJQDistrict Coordinator, Curriculum Management (PDF - 18KB) E
DAS District Coordinator, Information Privacy and Security (PDF - 15KB)E
C1A District Director of Records and Retention (PDF - 13KB)E
TXI District eCampus Help Desk Manager (PDF - 13KB)E
TTXERP Integration and Reporting Specialist I (PDF - 17KB) E
CZ6 Executive Assistant to the Chancellor (PDF - 17KB)E
DAI Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs (PDF - 17KB)E
EAM Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Public and Governmental Affairs (PDF 18KB)E
DA0 Foundation/Development Office Accounting Manager (PDF 15KB)E
CZ2 Foundation Special Projects Coordinator (PDF - 17KB)E
TBD Information Systems Manager II (PDF - 21KB)E
​CQHInstructional Designer (PDF - 141KB)​E
​Interaction Designer (PDF - 140KB)​E
TDM IT Auditor (PDF - 24KB)E
​CDG ​Lead Librarian (PDF - 164KB)​E
CQK​​Major Gifts Fundraiser (PDF - 112KB)​E
TW2Manager, District Digital Marketing (PDF - 18KB)E​​
DAO Manager, District Transcript Evaluation Center (PDF - 14KB)E
CJKManager, News Communications (PDF 17KB) E
TWR Manager of Web Communications for Curriculum (PDF -18KB)E
TBB Network Services Manager II (PDF - 22KB)E
TNO Network/Systems Specialist IV (PDF - 22KB)E
TDH Networking and Voice Communications Coordinator (PDF - 19KB)E
TPD Programmer/Analyst IV (PDF - 18KB)E
​CTFProject Control Specialist (PDF - 114KB)​E
CY7 Project Coordinator (PDF - 17KB)E

Project Lead (PDF - 136KB)

​T47Senior Accountant (PDF - 165KB)​E
P89 Sr. Associate Director, Facilities Services (PDF - 21KB)E
EANSenior Business Advisor (PDF - 18KB) E
TID Senior Coordinator of Information Technology Client Relations (PDF - 18KB)E
TRA Senior District Reports Specialist (PDF - 18KB)E
TTMSenior Learning Management System Administrator (PDF - 18KB) E

​Senior Manager (PDF - 137KB)

DAT Senior Manager of Grant Projects (PDF - 41KB)E
CJRSenior Print and Digital Media Production Manager (PDF - 21KB) E
CY6 Senior Research Analyst (PDF - 26KB)E
TXF Senior Rich Media Developer/Producer (PDF - 27KB)E
EAH Senior Special Projects Manager, Outreach and Marketing (PDF - 16KB)E
TPR Senior Systems Analyst (PDF - 26KB)E
TXC Senior Web Developer/Programmer (PDF - 25KB)E
CAQ Sustainability Project Coordinator (PDF - 16KB)E
TPP Team Leader, Information Access Services (PDF - 21KB)E
TBY ​Web Courseware Developer (PDF - 15KB) E
TBL Web Managing Editor - (PDF - 18KB)E
TWX Web Programmer/Analyst II (PDF - 26KB)E