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Barth Loe

Barth Loe
Professional Support Staff Awardee

Barth Loe, hired in the Data Center in March 1981, where he assisted in the data entry for all areas of the college. After promotion to assistant registrar, Barth worked tirelessly with the continuing education and credit schedule build and the processing of all student admission records and state reporting. His implementation of SCHED25 at Richland simplified room reservations campus-wide. His most valuable impact on our District has been the impression that he left on the many employees that he was able to work with and encourage their growth even after he has retired. ​​

Barth's contributions to the District's Committee for converting from blue class rolls to online rolls earned him a team nomination for Innovation of the Year in 2010-2011, which was the District winner. He continues to volunteer at his location PSSA and is due paid member.