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Dottie Clark

Dottie Clark
Administrator Awardee

Dottie Clark started in the district in 1971 and spent 34 years with LeCroy Center and helping to develop institutional plans while balancing academic priorities, enrollment projections and securing new sources of revenue. Memorable contributions include 1) developing fund balance to carry forward national market revenue, 2) setting up the revenue sharing partnership with PBS and 3) creating the accounting for the Dallas College Online. ​​

Dottie is content in her retirement, dedicated to her Christian faith, and spending quality time with her two children and four grandchildren. She provides primary caregiving for her husband and shares in caregiving for her mother, age 97. Dottie is active in the retiree association being instrumental in making sure the state health insurance was covered in her community. She came back to help organize the LeCroy Center's 40th anniversary.