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Nancy Jim Piquet

Jim Piquet

​​Jim Picquet, with dedication and enthusiasm, served the DCCCD for 39 years and the list of ways in which he supported students and staff are numerous. During his tenure at the district, his dedication to finding creative and visionary ways to serve students, and he did this from many positions. He also lent his expertise to non-traditional students in technology, workforce, military and online education to help them find ways to connect and succeed. Jim treats everyone with respect and honor. He believed in student success long before it became a national goal. He remains active in the DCCCD Retiree Association and the Hank Hankerson Society.

After retiring, Jim moved to East Texas to feed his passion for fishing, boating, and outdoor life. He still meets with DCCCD and supports the work of DCCCD. He continues to support and contribute funds to the Jim Picquet scholarship fund in the DCCCD Foundation for active military students, which he established when he was at the LeCroy Center.