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High School Dance Day

Brookhaven College welcomed 107 high school dancers from five area schools to High School Dance Day on Feb. 10.

Students selected classes from 12 different master class options taught by the college dance faculty and concluded the day with an informal performance. The high school students performed previously prepared dances and Brookhaven Dancers' Theatre Ensemble presented selections from their repertoire.

"This event benefits students in many ways. They get to see our campus, have ownership of what they are taking, dance with students outside their school and have a bigger variety of classes," said Melissa Johnson, dance adjunct faculty member.

Student response to the day's activities was enthusiastic. One Newman Smith High School senior, attending for the fourth year, commented that Dance Day 2018 was "definitely the best."

Members of the Chi Tau Epsilon Dance Honors Society provided the attendants with a guided tour of the campus.

Brookhaven College Dance Department coordinates and hosts the annual event which is sponsored by Brookhaven College School of the Arts.