Out-of-State/International Distance Learning Tuition Calculator

For distance learning students who reside outside of Texas and have not maintained Texas as their residency of record, a distance learning charge of $55 per credit hour (a minimum of $165 for three credit hours or less) shall be charged in addition to out-of-state or out-of-country tuition. (This charge may be adjusted for third party payers who have established a distance learning partnership with the district and provide contracted services in lieu of payment of all or a portion of the distance learning charge.) 

For those to whom this distance learning charge applies, please visit the distance learning tuition chart on the tuition schedule page to see how much you will owe, or use our handy calculator below.

Distance Learning, Out-of-State/International Tuition Calculator

To calculate your tuition, just enter the number of hours you will be taking this semester, or even for your entire program, in the Hours box. The amount showing in the Total Tuition Cost box is the amount you will pay for tuition.

Note: There may be lab or other fees associated with particular courses.

Calculate your tuition

Note: Out-of-State Residents pay $174 per credit unit or a minimum of $200. In addition, there is a distance learning charge of $55 per credit hour (a minimum of $165 for three credit hours or less).