Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What forms of payment are accepted for tuition and fees?

    A: Cash, credit card, debit card, money order, preprinted check, and cashier check are all acceptable forms of payment.

  • Q: When paying with a check, what information is needed?

    A: On a preprinted check (not a new or temporary check), record the driver license number, phone number, and birth date of the person signing the check, as well as the student identification number.

  • Q: What credit cards do you accept?

    A: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

  • Q: How soon after I register for my classes must I pay for them?

    A: The time for payment varies. Your payment due date is always stated on your registration statement. The website for online payment is https://econnect.dcccd.edu/ .

  • Q: Do tuition payments have to be made in person?

    A: No, there are several methods of paying your tuition.

    You may pay for credit classes online, using a credit card. Debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo also may be used. The Web site for online payment is: https://econnect.dcccd.edu/.

    Payments also may be mailed to a Brookhaven College Cashier, 3939 Valley View Lane, Farmers Branch, TX, 75244-4997. Be sure you allow enough time for the payment to arrive by the payment due date listed on the registration statement. If payment is not received by the cashier's office by the payment due date, you run the risk of being dropped from your class(es) and not being able to re-enroll in the same class(es).

    Payment for Workforce and Continuing education classes can be made online through eConnect or by calling the Cashier's Office at 972-860-4819.

  • Q: How long does it take to get a refund?

    A: Processing time is four to six weeks until you receive your refund. Processing of refunds begins after the 12th class day for Fall or Spring term or fourth class day in the Summer term. Percentage of eligible refund may be verified in the current credit course schedule.

    Important: There are NO CA$H REFUNDS!

  • Q: Will my refund come as a check or as a credit card refund?

    A: If you paid with a check/cash or received financial aid or a waiver, your refund is processed based on the preference you activated at eRefunds​.  Only payment by credit card is reimbursed by credit card. Multiple forms of payment may result in multiple forms of reimbursement.

  • Q: If I write a returned check, may I write another check to cover it?

    A: No, you will not be allowed to write a check to cover a returned check. Only cash, credit card, debit card, cashier check, or money order payments will be accepted to clear a returned check. In addition, there will be a $25 service charge for any returned check.

  • Q: I put a stop payment on a check; does this mean I am automatically withdrawn from my classes?

    A: No. A stop payment is treated as a returned check. The student will be charged a $25 service charge, in addition to any tuition owed. Stopping payment on a check does not drop a student from classes. It is the student's responsibility to drop/withdraw through the Admissions Office and pay any resulting costs.

  • Q: Can the Business Office cash my personal check?

    A: No. Neither employees nor students may cash personal checks.

  • Q: Are partial payments an option?

    A: You may sign up for the Tuition Installment Plan, TIP, during the fall and spring semesters by the due date on the registration summary and no later than the deadline published in the credit course schedule. No other partial payments are an option. TIP is not available during the summer.

  • Q: Can I sign up for the payment plan over the phone or send someone in to sign up for me?

    A: No, you must appear in person to sign up for the payment plan. Just let the cashier know you'd like a TIP, Tuition Installment Plan.

  • Q: May I make a TIP payment online?

    A: Yes. Go online to eConnect and choose Make a Payment.

  • Q: What kinds of classes are covered by the payment plan?

    A: Only credit classes during the spring and fall semesters may be set up on the Tuition Installment Plan. Courses taken during minimesters, flex-entry, Summer Term I and Summer Term II classes are not eligible for the TIP. Review the calendar in the credit course schedule for the TIP deadline. Continuing education courses are excluded.

  • Q: Does anything happen if I add a class while on the payment plan?

    A: Yes! Adding or dropping a class always generates a new invoice whether you are on the payment plan or not. When you add or drop a class, be sure to check the payment due date at the bottom of your new registration statement. If any amount owed is not paid by the payment due date on the registration statement, you run the risk of being dropped from your class(es). In addition, you must go online or come to the cashiers office and add a new class to the payment plan, get a new due date for one half of the tuition cost and pay to ensure enrollment in the class.

  • Q: What happens if I drop a class already on a payment plan when a refund amount is applicable?

    A: The refund amount is applied against the outstanding balance, reducing the total amount due.

  • Q: What happens if I have an extenuating circumstance such as an illness, injury or death of an immediate family member that prevents me from attending class? Can I get my money back?

    A: You have the option of completing a credit class refund petition form that is submitted to the petition committee. You will be notified of the committee's decision. Forms are available online. See Cashier Services Refund Petition.

  • Q: How long do I have to submit a credit class refund petition form?

    A: The credit class refund petition form​ is accepted during the semester for which the refund is requested.