TechTeach Benefit List

  • ​​Based on the General Articulation Agreement between the seven colleges of the DCCCD as a whole and TTU, all terms in GAA are applying to this Transfer Pathway Agreement. 
  • ​​It establishes a guided pathway for all students at the seven colleges of the DCCCD to pursue educational occupations. 
  • It encourages the completion of an AAT or an AS degree at each of the seven colleges.
  • ​Within the domain of the Bachelors of Multidisciplinary Studies at TTU, the College of Education offers four specific educational certificates:

  1. EC-6th Grade Generalist Certificate 
  2. Bilingual Certificate
  3. English as a Second Language (ESL) Certification (EC-6) 
  4. Special Education Certification (EC-12)

  • ​​​This agreement connects students at the seven colleges of the DCCCD to TTU’s TechTeach program, which is a 2 + 1, fast-track and online degree plan in 12 months. Upon graduation from TechTeach program, Dallas students are well positioned for employment in Dallas ISD.
  • TechTeach is the only program in which 100% of graduates are guaranteed early contracts and position with the district. 
  • Through a formal partnership with Dallas ISD, TechTeach teacher candidates are allowed to student teach in Dallas ISD elementary schools. 
  • This agreement provides a pipeline for students at the seven colleges, interested in pursue a career in education, to successfully transition from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree with a teacher certificate and then into the workforce of education at Dallas ISD. It nurtures the productive citizenry within the communities.