UNT-Dallas GAA Benefit List

  • ​​Accepting and applying the entirety of​ associate degrees and certificates​ awarded by the 7 colleges of the DCCCD  into baccalaureate degree plans based on future Transfer Pathway and Program-to-Program Agreements;
  • ​Offering automatic admission to DCCCD AA/AS degree holders who meet UNTD Admission requirements:
    DCCCD students with 45 or more hours and a minimum cumulative of GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale entering under the terms of this agreement are guaranteed admission to UNT Dallas. DCCCD students with 30-44 transferable credits and a 2.25 GPA are eligible for automatic admission. DCCCD students with 0-29 transferable credits, a 2.25 GPA, and meet the first time in college requirements for admissions are eligible for automatic admission.
  • Accepting at least 60 credits through the future Transfer Pathway and P-to-P Agreements;
  • Accepting credits without regard to instructional modality including, but not limited to, online offerings and programs, Dual Enrollment courses and Early College High Schools;
  • ​Requiring no extra core/general educational courses beyond an AA/AS; unless a specific course curriculum is established in a transfer pathway agreement;
  • Notifying the seven colleges of DCCCD the selection criteria for limited access programs;
  • ​Establishing an acceptable articulation appeal process cooperatively for reviewing credits not accepted in transfer admission.
  • The Registrar at UJNT Dallas will collaborate with the District Office of Academic and Student Records at DCCCD district Office to share information, as permitted by law, about students enrolled at UNT Dallas who could have sufficient hours to receive an assoc​iate's degree from the colleges of the DCCCD.