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Submit a Concern

The CARE Team has developed a form to report concerns about or issues with students. The new form is a way to expand the team’s efforts to get students who are in need of help the help they need. Students of concern may be reported via the Incident Reporting Form.

What to Report

If you witness any of the following behaviors or concerns, please report them to the CARE Team.

  • Student’s demeanor changes
  • Student’s dress/grooming has drastically changed
  • Student appears sad or depressed
  • Student has made suicidal remarks or attempts
  • Student’s emotional response is unusual or exaggerated
  • Student behavior is highly disturbed
  • Student disrupts class
  • Student has submitted disturbing written material
  • Student has made threats
  • Student has made references to guns

Please also refer those students for whom you have general concerns. The CARE Team will connect with the student and provide support.