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In light of recent events on school campuses throughout the nation, student and employee ID badges have become an essential tool to increase campus safety and security for the students and employees of the Dallas County Community College District.

Effective April 1, 2019, DCCCD Board of Trustees policy will require all DCCCD students and employees to openly display ID badges at all times when on campus. 

Policy requirements are simple:

Obtain an official district-issued ID badge from your primary DCCCD college campus, at no cost to you.

Display your ID badge at all times while on campus.

Present your ID badge upon request by any DCCCD official.

It's that simple.

Safety and security for all students and employees are top priorities every day.  Wearing identification is a security "best practice" for the Dallas County Community College District, along with improved building access control and video surveillance.

With ID badges, everyone knows at a glance who is authorized to be on campus and who is not.  This is especially important for first responders in an emergency situation who may not be familiar with the students and employees.

Even in a non-emergency situation it is important to wear your ID badge so staff and students can be identified as authorized to be on campus. This increases site security while quickly detecting unauthorized visitors.

All seven colleges of the DCCCD provide students with free photo ID badges.  A DCCCD ID badge issued at one college campus is a valid ID badge at all DCCCD college campuses.

Ready to pick up your Photo ID?  Go to your home college website for information about where to go on campus and what you'll need to bring with you to obtain your free ID badge.

Your ID badge can be worn on a lanyard hanging from your neck or clipped to a shirt, blouse, or coat.  ID badge holders or lanyards are available from your college, free of charge, or you may purchase a badge holder of your choice from the college bookstore. The one simple requirement is that the ID badge must be visible at all times while you are on campus.

Fellow students and employees should encourage each other to wear ID badges for everyone's safety and security.

Sounds obvious, but it really is important that we all know who actually belongs on campus. And …most importantly, remember that wearing a DCCCD ID badge is not a suggestion, it is now District policy.