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Supervisor Certificate Can Help You Move Up in Your Career

This article appeared in a May 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

Are you working and would like to become a manager? Have you thought that a college certificate might help?

You’re right! A college credential can improve your chances of becoming a supervisor. A credential is something you can show employers to prove you have mastered competencies and have the skills and knowledge that industry professionals consider essential. That’s where the new Fast-Track Supervisor Certificate offered by DCCCD comes in. 

Your Job Experience Counts!

The Fast-Track Supervisor Certificate program lets you earn college credit online quickly by demonstrating competencies you already have. That means you earn credit for your on-the-job experience.

There are no textbook costs, and the learning materials are built into the courses. Should you decide to continue your education, the 18-hour Supervisor Certificate counts fully toward a Management associate degree.

You’ll take six online courses (two at a time) that are rich in multimedia, in​teractive games and assessments. The classes are only eight weeks long, and you can finish the certificate in as little as 24 weeks. Cooperative work experience is the capstone of the program. So you earn college credit while demonstrating supervisory competencies for your current manager at work. 

Develop Your Skills

Our program does not guarantee you’ll become a supervisor, but it can increase your chances. You will develop skills in:

  • Supervision 
  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • Management 
  • Business principles 
  • HR management 

Get Started

Step 1: Email a program advisor at to learn more. An advisor will help you determine if the program is a strong fit for your experience level and individual goals.

Step 2: Fill out the college application online. If you have already enrolled at one the colleges of DCCCD in the last 12 months, however, you do not need to re-apply; simply contact the special advisor at (Find out details about the steps to apply at our colleges​.)

Mention the program to your employer. Employers who want to use the Supervisor Certificate for employee training may be eligible for grant funds from Innovate+Educate. “If an employer is interested, Innovate+Educate is willing to pay for an employee’s first two courses,” says Anne Lopez, project director for Retail Pathways, part of Innovate+Educate. Note: The offer is first-come, first serve, and the grant money will run out fast. 

If you are paying the tuition, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through your employer or may qualify for financial aid. It is good to explore these options! Tuition is only $237 per course with all materials included.

“We are a mouse-click or a phone call away if students need help or have a question,” say Dr. Diane Minger and Gemmy Allen, coordinators of the Supervisor Certificate program at Cedar Valley College and North Lake College.

​Interested? Contact a program advisor. And don’t delay: The deadline to apply for fall classes is Aug. 20. Classes begin Aug. 29.