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How Students Use Digital Devices May Surprise You

Richland Student Daniela Dominguez won one of two Amazon gift cards.

This article appeared in a December 2017 issue of the student newsletter.

How do your fellow students use the internet, and how do they like to communicate with professors, advisors, other students and their colleges?

Dallas County Community College District conducted a Student Communications Survey in October to find the answers to these questions and many more. More than 3,500 students took the online survey.

You might be surprised by some of the survey findings:

  • We asked what type of digital device or devices you carry. Not surprisingly, most who responded have a smartphone. But 6% of you have smartwatches. That's not a large number, but it's up from just a few people in the survey last year.
  • Laptops are the clear favorite over mobile devices for keystroke-intensive tasks such as registering for college. But for finding general stuff from the internet or even finding out your grades, 51% of you favored smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • You don't much like the idea of professors contacting you through social media. About 42% of you said so; 28% said they like being contacted that way. But 93% like or love having professors contact you by email, and 55% are fine with getting texts.
  • Half (50%) of you know we have a student portal, myPortal. That figure disappoints us a bit, because we think the content on myPortal is pretty good. We think that because 77.5% of you said in the survey that the content is "great" or "good."
  • Similarly, most of you don't know that we have a DCCCD Student Blog. We do, and a whopping 81% of survey-takers say the content is "great" or "good."
  • Only 40% of you know about the DCCCD mobile app. Give it a try! Of those who do, 97.5% say the content on the app is either "OK," "good" or "great."

Two Who Took Survey Win Amazon Gift Cards

Eastfield Student Lizbeth Negrete won one of two Amazon gift cards. 

Congratulations to Lizbeth Negrete, a student at Eastfield College, and Daniela Dominguez, from Richland College. They were among the 3,500 students who took the Student Communications Survey; all who took the survey were entered in a drawing. Lizbeth and Daniela were chosen at random as winners of $250 Amazon gift cards.

Thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey!