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Brookhaven Students Complete the Spring 2017 mINiTERN Program

This article appeared in a May 2017 issue of the student newsletter.

On April 19, a group of eight Brookhaven students completed the Spring 2017 mINiTERN Program. Students concluded the spring internship by presenting their team's findings and business recommendations to an industry challenge faced by Sharyland Utilities, part of the Hunt family of companies. 

An audience of 47 professionals attended the team presentations, including the president of Hunt, the chairman and the president of Sharyland Utilities and multiple vice presidents.

Team BusiTech evaluated how business processes and communication could be improved across Sharyland Utilities given that the types of employees vary greatly with corporate and field team members. The team evaluated both process and technical improvements. Watch Team BusiTech's presentation on YouTube. Team members included:

  1. Naresh Bhusal, International Business and Economics
  2. Faizal Dhamani, Kinesiology and Biology
  3. Oscar Gerstein, Business and Science
  4. Alan Zuniga, Petroleum Engineering (Early College High School)

Team Electric Green Consultants evaluated the impact of electric vehicles on the electric power grid. Because Sharyland Utilities primarily services rural counties and customers, the team's work focused on the adoption of electric vehicles for farming and large trucks for shipping. The team evaluated the future projections for growth in this market segment, its likely impact for increase power usage and recommendations for Sharyland Utilities to prepare. Watch Team Electric Green Consultants' presentation on YouTube. Team Members included:

  1. Jorge Carrasco, Mechanical Engineering
  2. Ashley Eisenkramer, Business and Energy Management
  3. Sheila Gutierrez, Business (Early College High School)
  4. Pegah Merdasi, Electrical Engineer 

Brandon Wagner, a mINiTERN program alum, served as the Student Leader for the Spring 2017 mINiTERN Program. Brandon currently attends Eastfield College and is majoring in mechanical engineering. 

About the mINiTERN Program

The mINiTERN Program provides real-world business experience and skill growth to students. 

As of April 2017, the internship program has had 47 student consultants evaluate 14 unique business projects. The spring 2017 program included Early College High School (ECHS) students for the first time. 

The summer mINiTERN Program will begin in early June. The program is open to students attending a Dallas Community College.