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Coming Together as One: The Benefits of Becoming One College

This article appeared in the Nov. 5, 2019, issue of the student newsletter.

DCCCD is in the process of making a big change, and we want your input on a major piece — what are we going to call this place? — as we become one college. 

The district has begun the process of merging the seven colleges of DCCCD into one institution to make earning your degree here easier and quicker. 

"Becoming one institution will allow us to graduate more students on time with reduced costs and shorten the time it takes for students to earn a degree," said Dr. Joe May, DCCCD's chancellor. 

What This Means for You 

The move to one college will better serve you and each of our 83,000 credit and 25,000 continuing education students. The process to become one starts now and will continue until an accrediting body — the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) — visits next year. 

This is necessary because despite having credits from several colleges of the DCCCD, about 1,300 students were unable to receive degrees because they had not acquired enough credits at one of the seven colleges. As one college, that will no longer be a problem because you will graduate from one institution rather than accumulate credits at several schools without enough to receive a degree. 

That makes graduating easier (and quicker!) for you. 

Where We Need You 

That's a lot of change, but it's something you're a part of, so we want your input! 

What should we call the new college? Your voice matters, so let us know your ideas. Send us your suggestion … Who knows? This time next year, you might be attending a college you've helped name.