Emergency Aid Fund

Investment in Emergency Aid: $400,000

The academic challenges you face are only part of your DCCCD experience. 

Almost 24,000 DCCCD students live in poverty, which is why we have established the DCCCD Emergency Aid Fund.

We don't want you to have to choose between covering your tuition or paying for basic necessities such as food, shelter, health care, or transportation. That's why the fund will assist DCCCD students on the verge of suspending their educational pursuits when financial emergencies arise.

What you have to spend on a textbook could be the difference between staying enrolled and dropping out. We want you to stick around and earn your degree.


Beyond Emergency Aid

Help from DCCCD goes beyond the Emergency Fund:

  • DCCCD works with the North Texas Food Bank to bring the Mobile Food Pantry to each of the colleges every month to ensure our students have access to quality nutrition.
  • Some of our students struggle with transportation to and from the college, so we have worked with DART to provide free bus/train passes to all DCCCD students.
  • We also work to connect you with free legal help, health-related resources and financial planning.

How It Works For You

The Emergency Aid Fund application process will open the first day of each semester and close on the last day of each semester.

You can apply for emergency funds using the mobile app or website. Download the Edquity app or go to the Edquity website.

Edquity will review the application and determine if you qualify. If you qualify, you will receive cash grant assistance within 48 hours.

This pilot program will run through January and thereafter it will expand to include all students.

The Edquity technology also offers you an index of emergency resources and ongoing budgeting tools to help you preempt potential challenges. Edquity is developing agreements with national vendors, such as extended stay hotels and car repair shops, to provide access to reduced-fee services at an accelerated rate.

“I think one of the main reasons I love working for DCCCD is that they encourage all of us to be innovative and to continuously learn new technologies that help our students be successful. I love being in the classroom and having the freedom to teach students how to use state-of-the-art software and equipment in the field of digital media. ”
Sara Goldrick
Professor of Higher Education Policy and Sociology, Temple University