Annex B: Communications

The purpose of Annex B is to provide information about communications services, procedures, equipment and services available during emergency operations to support the DCCCD EOP. Annex B is a combination of DCCCD communications systems, the district’s Central Police Dispatch Center and internal and external 9-1-1 systems.

The director and/or captain of college police is primarily responsible for the Annex B development and maintenance ensuring it is reviewed annually and updated as needed. All departments included in this Annex will develop and maintain separate standard operations guidelines.

Concept of Operations

The existing DCCCD communications network consists of telephone (land line and voice over Internet protocol [VoIP]), pager, cellular, TLETS, TDD, facsimile and radio. Additional computer-based communications tools include Web pages, email, voice mail, video displays, marquees, paging systems and network-attached computers to perform the initial and basic communications effort for emergency operations.

Also available are non-computer based communication vehicles such as bull horns, pen and paper, and walking around for distribution of information. In addition to the communication tools defined above and during emergency operations, all DCCCD departments should maintain their existing equipment and procedures for communications with their employees.