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Annex Q: Hazardous Materials and Chemical Spill Response

This annex establishes the policies and procedures under which DCCCD will operate in the event of a hazardous material incident or oil spill.  It defines the roles, responsibilities and organizational relationships of government agencies and private entities in responding to and recovering from an oil spill or incident involving the transport, use, storage or processing of hazardous material.

Concept of Operations

DCCCD does not have hazmat teams. The district has contracted with vendor(s) that can address the most likely hazardous material clean-ups at DCCCD locations. The primary agency responsible for responding to a hazardous material event is the local fire department. Supporting agencies include the city emergency management office, county emergency management office, county fire marshal’s office, county forensic science department and county public health department.

Once a hazardous material event occurs, responsibility for managing and directing the response is assigned to the local, on-scene Incident Commander. If activated, responsibility for coordinating external support is assigned to the EOC staff as led by the local fire department.

The city fire department which the district property is located is responsible for developing and maintaining this annex.