ESF 8: Public Health and Medical Resources

The purpose of ESF 8 is to provide, in a coordinated manner, the resources for public health, mental health and medical services that may be needed in an emergency during an emergency or disaster impacting Dallas County Community College District.

The Public Health and Medical Services ESF assists college District, local, federal, state government entities and voluntary organizations in performing response missions following a disaster or emergency.

Concept of Operations

If ESF 8 requires activation, the EOC Director or his/her staff will contact the departments or agencies listed in the annex to report to the EOC or support as needed. The district emergency notification system may be utilized for the notification and recall of groups needed for the function of the ESF. National Incident Management System concepts will be used for all incidents. Incident or Unified Command will be used by responding departments and agencies. When requested, ESF personnel will report to the EOC and utilize the EOP, its annexes and other SOPs to activate and operate during an incident or event.

ESF 8: Public Health and Medical Services (PDF - 344KB)