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Parking and Driving Regulations

The Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure educational environment for more than 16,000 credit and noncredit students enrolled each semester as well asemployees and college visitors. Safety, motor vehicle operations, personal vehicle assistance and parking are an important part of our work.

Speed Limits

The speed limit on the college loop roadway is 20 mph. The speed limit on interior roadways and all parking lots is 10 mph.

Reserved Parking

Brookhaven College has three reserved parking areas. One is in the lot labeled P2, Rows A, B and C. The second area is within the lot labeled P5. The third area is the lot labeled P6 and P7. These three areas are for Brookhaven College employees and are marked with signage and striped in yellow paint. Each semester, drivers who do not display a Brookhaven College parking decal are issued a citation by the Police Department for parking a vehicle in the areas that are reserved for employees.

Parking Tags

Students are not required to have any decal on their vehicles for parking. A parking tag shall be issued to administrators, faculty and staff who are interested in using reserved Faculty/Staff parking areas. Parking tags for Brookhaven College employees are free and available at the Police Department Office, Bldg. B, Room B200.

A temporary parking “red hang tag” may be issued for a specific time period with approval of the police commander.

Parking Violations

The following parking violations will result in a citation from the DCCCD Police Department at Brookhaven College:

  1. No parking in fire lanes or handicapped parking spaces. Officers may write City of Farmers Branch Citations and/or Brookhaven College citations;
  2. Moving violations- Officers have discretion to write City of Farmers Branch citations and/or Brookhaven citations for all moving violations;
  3. parking in restricted areas (behind all campus buildings);
  4. parking in reserved faculty/staff parking areas of P2, P5, P6 and P7 parking lots;
  5. double parking;
  6. parking in “No Parking” striped areas;
  7. parking adjacent to “No Parking on the Grass” signs;
  8. parking on campus in areas other than those designated for vehicular traffic; and
  9. parking of mobile home trailers or boats overnight.

The following are the procedures for parking violators at Brookhaven College.

  • Each semester, during the first two weeks of courses, all violations will result in warning citations unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • After the second week of classes, any traffic/parking violation may result in a warning or regular citation, at the officer’s discretion.

The cited driver/owner of the vehicle will be required to pay a fine for the parking infraction. Fines are $5 for the first violation and $10 for each additional violation and must be paid at the Brookhaven College Cashier’s Office in the Student Services Center, Building S. Fines for City of Farmers Branch parking or moving violations are regulated by the City of Farmers Branch and can be paid at the Farmers Branch Municipal Court.

Campus Entrance and Exit Gates

The Brookhaven College campus closes at 11:30 p.m. and reopens at 5:30 a.m., seven days a week. Gates at each entrance and exit will be closed to limit access during these hours. For assistance, after hours, please call the Police Department at 972-860-4290.

Personal Vehicle Services Provided

The Police Department will upon request provide personal vehicle assistance to anyone desiring this service. Officers are available to jump start a vehicle’s dead battery, weather permitting, or air up a flat tire.

Prior to providing this service, the operator of the vehicle must sign a “Release of Liability” form releasing the officer from liability claims, demands, or lawsuits resulting from any damage done to a vehicle owned or legally operated by the individual requesting the service. Due to injury liabilities, officers are not permitted to change flat tires on vehicles parked on campus.