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Sexual Harassment

What is SHARP?

Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention is a unisex self-defense course that is founded on statistic-based research and focuses on what is real and what works. By emphasizing the principal that less is best, SHARP material is kept simple so it is easy to learn, and more importantly, is easy to retain and use. Focus is placed on identifying threatening behaviors and avoiding them while providing physical skills in case avoidance fails.

What type of training is SHARP system?

Participants receive effective and realistic training to counter sexual harassment and assault, from instructors certified by PPCT Management System, an international training organization specializing in teaching military, law enforcement and civilians in tactical and self-defense practices.

What is PPCT?

Pressure Point Control Tactics is a leader in its field and is a primary reason why this training is recognized to be both effective in the fields law enforcement and civilian life.

SHARP was developed by PPCT and is internationally recognized as one of the most effective foundations for self-defense training.

What will the SHARP training give you?
  • Confidence through knowledge of yourself and those who may harm you.
  • Understanding of high stress situations and how they affect you physically and mentally.
  • Skills to avoid and counter both passive and active assaults.
  • Empowerment to confront those who would try to intimidate you. 


What does SHARP cover?


It exists in the workplace, in schools and in many places in society. SHARP covers not only the laws pertinent to sexual harassment, but also how to avoid it and how to counter it with verbal and physical techniques.

Passive Assault

Sexual harassment, non-violent intimidation and other passive assaults can occur anywhere. Knowing how to react with controlled measures, including limited use of force, can be key to escaping the situation without escalation.

Active Assault

Your response to a threatening situation is critical to your chance of survival. Active assaults can include grabs, punches, choke holds and even attacks with weapons. SHARP gives you the knowledge, confidence and determination you will need to successfully counter an active assault.

How to Register

To register, please complete the registration form or call 972-860-4190 to see when the next class will be offered.​