Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time, and employees are working remotely.
Please visit for additional information and to find contact information for various departments.
If you need additional assistance, please visit My Community Services and our Community Employment Resources.

Clubs & Organizations

DCCCD is a community, even when we are far apart.

Ask any college graduate what their favorite memories of college are. Chances are they'll mention at least one that involves hearing a special speaker, attending a live performance, or participating in a club or organization with like-minded people. All these activities are part of the “college experience,” and, at each of the colleges of DCCCD, the Student Life Office is responsible for providing it.

Student Life provides programs and activities to enhance your educational experience. They also host events that are just plain fun, because sometimes you need a break from your intense study and work schedules to recharge.

* Members of student clubs and organizations can get risk management training through an informative video.

College Clubs and Organizations

Each college provides a variety of college-specific student clubs and organizations that we encourage you to join.

We look forward to supporting the community you build through student groups even when we are not all together. Please do not hesitate to contact your student organization advisor with any questions or concerns.

Remember, educational research shows that students who get involved in campus life tend to succeed in their studies!

Joining Student Clubs Online

We are committed to supporting all students and student groups during this unprecedented time. We take great pride in developing and supporting co- and extracurricular opportunities at DCCCD.

Each college Office of Student Life has selected four student clubs to launch in our new virtual platform!  

Even better  the following student clubs and organizations offer open enrollment districtwide. Club advisors available to virtually serve our students and student groups while in-person meetings are temporarily suspended: 

  1. Log in to eCampus. 
  1. At the top of your eCampus page, click on the red Community tab.  
  1. Use the search box to find your chosen organization and self-enroll.  
  1. From the list in My Organizations, click on the community name to enter the community.  

Student Clubs and Organizations

Club Name Advisor/Club Contact Information
African Students Union
Serve the needs of African students; develop student leadership; and promote the interests of various African cultures.
Winifred Clarke
Art Club
Open to anyone interested in the Visual Arts. Raise awareness and appreciation of the Arts on campus and in the community.
Susan Mollet
BC ​Men in Momentum
Create awareness about issues facing males in college; empower men through leadership and networking opportunities.
Michael Bailey
Brookhaven Active Adult Students (BAAS)
Offer students 50 years and up, socialization and interactive support through educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.
DeBorah Whaley-Stephenson
Brookhaven Anime Club
Introduce Asian culture, activities, and fan bases.
Sam Govea

Heather Skweres
Brookhaven Baseball Club
Raise awareness about the sport of baseball; promote and build school spirit.
Brandon Rains
Brookhaven Criminal Justice Club
Promote interest and student participation in the field of Criminal Justice through activities and field trips.
David Griggs
Brookhaven IGNITE
Build political ambition in young women. Provide civic education, exposure to women in political leadership, career opportunities, and a peer network.
Asmara Saleemi
Brookhaven Muslim Student Association
Establish and maintain an Islamic society on campus. Provide an opportunity to learn about Islam. All are welcome.
Sheri Van Court
Brookhaven Players Club
Generate enthusiasm and appreciation of theatre within its membership and within our theatre-going community.
Darise Error
Brookhaven Radiology Club
Open to current students in the Radiology Program. Promote professional growth, development, encourage fellowship, and provide service to the community and college.
Shonna Cuffee
Brookhaven Student Ambassadors
Represent the unity and diversity at Brookhaven College through motivation, positive teamwork, and servant leadership.
Rebekah Benavides
Brookhaven Student Government Association
Advocates for the Brookhaven student body and acts a liaison for students to the administration and faculty. Offers opportunities for leadership development, campus involvement, and personal growth.
Brian Borski
Brookhaven Student Nursing Association
Supporting student nurses in their basic nursing education and socializing them to their role of being a RN. Open to current students in the program.
Diedra Green
Brookhaven Volleyball Club
Promote health awareness, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Take solid action towards pushing students to a successful and bright future.
Jason Hopkins
Campus Activities Board
Create campus wide events designed and led by students.
Candace Williams
Campus Ministry
Give practical application of the Christian lifestyle through biblical principle and teaching.
Venus Bullard
​Chi Tau Epsilon
Involves dance at Brookhaven College and surrounding communities.
​Brianna J Cahill
Faith and Answers
Create a safe and charitable environment to discuss the existence of God and the claims of various religions using science and philosophy.
Baltazar Alvarez
Film Club
Show how filming can have an impact on people in different ways and different career opportunities.
Giraud Polite
Gamers Unite
Provide a creative outlet for stress, and allow students to network with other students who share a common interest in gaming.
John Flores
Green Team Coalition
A hybrid organization bringing students and employees together to create an educated and engaged Earth-wise community at Brookhaven College.
Carrie Schweitzer
International Club
Bring awareness and appreciation to Brookhaven students about the diversity of cultures on campus.
Sheri Van Court
Work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of orientation or identity. Provides education, support, social action and advocacy.
John Wells
​Liberty Club
Foster a civil, non-partisan forum for the discussion of liberty and constitutional principles.
Math/Science STEM Club
Promote and meet the needs of other students who are interested in activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Claire Bambrough
Music Club
Promote music and provide opportunities to students through concerts and field trips.
Octavio Gutierrez
Phi Theta Kappa
Promote Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship, and Service through activities and events.
Rebekah Benavides
Photography Club
Spread the enjoyment and knowledge of all forms of photography and help others to become better photographers.
Kate Rhoads
Rotaract Club
Provides opportunities to serve the community, support goodwill toward all people, and engage in activities that include service projects, leadership and professional development.
Andrew Deibert
Running Club
Promote the fellowship, enjoyment, and benefits of running for every level of interest.
Scarlett Hill
Student Leadership Institute
To help students develop leadership skills through weekly leadership sessions and activities.
Joshua Johnson
Student Veterans Association
Promote student veteran’s educational experiences, maximize networking and employment opportunities, and help facilitate the transition to a four year university.
Jon Tarell
V-COM Club
Visual communications is a creative community; seeking to help students unite with peers, grow design skills, and connect with industry professionals.
Karie Williams
Windmill Writers Club
Promote a creative writing culture on campus; guide students in improving their writing; give students opportunities to write, revise, and perform their works on campus.
Aaron Clark
Yoga and Meditation Club
Increase the mental power for more effective study; support increased health, longevity, resistance to illness and restore emotional harmony.
Linda Reyna