Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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College Coordinators

If you have any issues during your volunteer work, or if you have questions or concerns throughout the semester, please call your college coordinator.

Our desire is that Service Learning will be a positive experience for you, and we're ready to help you in whatever way we can.

Brookhaven College 
Curtis Lee
office: Student Life S201
phone: 972-860-4703
email: curtis.lee@dcccd.edu

Cedar Valley College 
Takiyah Murphy
office: Student Life D103
phone: 972-860-8257
email: tmmurphy@dcccd.edu

Eastfield College 
Chris Schlarb
office: C-237Q
phone: 972-860-7182
email: ChrisSchlarb@dcccd.edu
El Centro College
Rosalinda Minnis
office: One Main Place Rm 1113
phone: 214-860-2074
email: rminnis@dcccd.edu 

Mountain View College
Tony Kroll
office: W-271
phone: 214-860-8878
email: tkroll@dcccd.edu  
North Lake College 
Katherine Villarreal
office: P-320
phone: 972-273-3080
email: kvillarreal@dcccd.edu

Richland College
John Daniels
office: inside The Learning Center - M216
phone: 972-238-6110
email: JohnDaniels@dcccd.edu 

Richland Collegiate High School
Kim Lozada
phone: 972-761-6888
email: KLozada@dcccd.edu