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How to Enroll in Service Learning

Step One: Select the agency with which you would like to serve.

Consult with your instructor about choosing a site that not only matches your interests, but that will help you meet your learning goal. Please note that some agencies have a higher requirement of hours to participate. You must meet the agency's requirements to receive college credit.

Step Two: Complete the enrollment process for your specific college or as directed by your instructor or college coordinator.

You won't be able to go forward until the enrollment process is completed.

Step Three: Take the enrollment form and release to the Service Learning college coordinator.

See college coordinators' locations and phone numbers. 

Step Four: Contact your selected agency and get started!

  • Do not wait until late in the semester to begin your service.
  • Some sites require three to four weeks just to process your application!
  • Orientation time does not count toward required hours.

Step Five: Document your time and follow through on your commitment.

  • Give a minimum of 15 hours in service during the semester at a placement site. If your instructor or placement site has a higher minimum, you must complete their requirement for credit. 
  • Pick up a Service Learning timesheet from your instructor or Service Learning college coordinator. You and your site supervisor need to sign off on your hours.
  • Follow through with the volunteer schedule to which you commit. If for any reason you are unable to complete your commitment, you must notify your site supervisor, instructor and campus Service Learning coordinator as soon as possible. And...
  • You must return any credentials or volunteer jacket issued to you!

Step Six: Return your timesheet to your Service Learning College Coordinator.

(Please confirm the date with your College Coordinator.)

To help us improve the Service Learning program, we request that each applicant complete the Student Satisfaction Questionnaire (PDF - 84KB).