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Student Handbook

2019-2020 Student Handbook

Why Should You Get Involved?

Recent surveys indicate that college students who get involved in campus activities, like clubs, extra- and cocurricular activities or part-time work on campus, are more likely to succeed in their studies and less likely to drop out of school.
Involvement in student activities may lead to:
  • • increased self-confidence,
  • • greater creativity, and
  • • improved critical thinking skills.
Brookhaven College students have the opportunity to develop:
  • leadership and organizational skills,
  • communication techniques, and
  • job skills.
Brookhaven College supports students’ participation in institutional decision-making through involvement in various campus committees.
For more information about leadership opportunities for students and other ways you can get involved at Brookhaven College, visit the Student Life Office in the Student Services Center, Building S, Room S201,
e-mail bhcStudentLife@dcccd.edu or call 972-860-4115.


Effective for fall 2005 semester, the Dallas County Community College District will charge a higher tuition rate to students who register to take a course for the third or subsequent time.
On the student’s third and subsequent attempts to take the majority of credit and workforce continuing education courses, the higher tuition will be charged. Developmental studies courses and some others are not included in this policy.
Courses taken in the fall 2002 semester or later at any of the Dallas County Community College District colleges are counted toward the third attempt. To view detailed lists of
  1. courses that will not be charged at the higher tuition rate, and
  2. cross-listed courses where one course equates to another for this purpose, please go online to https://www.dcccd.edu/thirdcourseattempt/.
For more information, please contact the Advising Center, Room S113, 972-860-4830, e-mail bhcAdvising@dcccd.edu.